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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

So this topic has been on my heart for a while, especially because I was a member of that “9am with a winged eyeliner” committee for the first two years of University. This has long since changed in final year though because I just don’t have that kind of energy anymore.

Nevertheless, I still see those bad babes in my 9am. Strolling in perfectly on time with the sweetest eyeshadow blend and highlight that definitely blinds at that early hour of the morning, but it’s fine. They came to let you know they had the time and energy for a face beat, and you’re gonna love it. There’s even one girl that consistently serves looks in this winter season, I usually sit across from her in one big hoodie and thermal leggings looking so rough but it’s fine. Again, sis came to let you all know she had the time and energy,

Now, people always have a lot to say about these kinds of ladies. “Oh, she must be really insecure” or “She must be one of those girls who can’t go anywhere without makeup”.

Well, take a seat. Frankie is here to educate the masses.

One of my first blog posts on here was on this whole premise of “your sauce” and believing in that (find that – here). I said I often doubted myself in the looks department when I had no makeup and had my natural hair out. This has since slowly started to change and I feel like a bad b more often, but this declaration also contributes to this idea of girls wearing makeup as a way to hide insecurities. Of course, makeup was designed to cover up any imperfections and enhance beauty but guess what? Those insecurities haven’t taken a flight to Paris (lol the tl has made that city done out here – if you know, you know). Those insecurities are still very much present in my body.

This is why I find this whole thought process a mess.

There is no correlation between a girl constantly wearing makeup and her being insecure; insecurity is a state that is present regardless of what I have on my skin. A girl choosing to wake up earlier and beat her face shows no indication of how insecure she is, she just wanted to wear makeup and feel extra cute. I remember having a conversation with someone about this actually, and his logic was that in order for someone to continue to dress a certain way or wear makeup, someone must have complimented them. In that sense, is it not that validation from others that leads us to dress the way we do or put these things on our face?

That one is a sticky one for me, only because I feel extra cute when I have a beat face but I guess that is only because of validation from others. However, that doesn’t mean I consistently wear makeup for this validation. The knowledge that I look cute with makeup is now something that is ingrained in me. This means that when I do decide to wear makeup, it’s mainly for myself and to make me feel a little badder than usual.

With that in mind. (note how this is in bold)

Men, I am truly begging you. Please understand the cut crease look with glitter accents I have decided to do today, was not for you. That’s another misconception about makeup that we really need to let go. Makeup is way too expensive for so many of you to think we wear it for you. Realistically, none of you are even appreciating the precision of that eyeliner so again, why do you think we do this for you? This isn’t me coming all aggressive for the male species, but damn.

Ya’ll ain’t that important. I just wanted to look cute.

But getting back to the main issue at hand, makeup is not synonymous with insecurity. Being constantly reliant on it? Potentially, there is a greater issue at hand but as for those ladies who come in on a happy, slayful vibe at 9am?

Leave them alone and face your books.

Until the next one ya’ll.

PS: ya’ll already know the December playlist is out now in the playlist tab xx

with all my love,


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  1. You know, it’s interesting! I’ve been struggling to be comfortable in my own skin especially around my home girls who know how to BEAT FACE in every sense of the word. I don’t have the time, money, or skill to come anywhere close and I’ve noticed that they tend to attract more attention when we go out. It’s not a jealousy thing. I LOVEEEEE my friends and they’re beautiful with and without makeup, turning heads and breaking necks just goes hand in hand with that….I know I should just “be myself!” but truly…I know that I’ve got it going fa me, it just gets a little disheartening sometimes, ya know?

    1. Hey girl!

      I completely hear you and can relate to how disheartening it is. I think it’s important to remember that makeup shouldn’t be something you feel forced into because society seems to push you in that direction. It’s a cliche I know, but you truly do have it going for you and I’d hate for you to feel like makeup is something you have to do to attract any type of attention – it’s not attention you’d want if that’s the case. I’ve always said that “what is for you won’t miss you”, so maybe you’re dodging hella bullets. Nevertheless, I get how much of a self-esteem crusher things like this are. Ultimately, it’s definitely something I’ve had to train myself to care less about (still very much a work in progress, I’ll let you know when I hit the finish line). Allow yourself to be disheartened, but remember that you are that babe, and always will be. With or without the beat face sis.

      with all my love,

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