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Hello, hi. Welcome back.

Today’s post is a little different because I have a little confession to make, one that is nowhere near a surprise to those that know me.

I like makeup.

That is me putting it very, very lightly. At this point, I think I’m borderline obsessed. The amount of money I spend on cosmetics as a whole is terrible but luckily for you all, that has allowed me to be the perfect test dummy for a variety of different make-up products (that Urban Decay “Naked” palette is one of my biggest regrets in life – it hurts to talk about).

Among my make-up collection, there are a whole bunch of stuff that I will repurchase until my old age and I thought why not share it with you guys. Especially because this blog is reflection of me, so where would we be if I didn’t dash a little bit of make-up in the mix.

I’ve narrowed down the list to 5 so that we’re not here all day, because knowing me and my rambling…we could be.

Let’s get it.

in no particular order

5. Morphe 35O2 Palette – £23.00

Morphe 35O2 35 Color Second Nature Palette

Recently, the black eyeshadow in my palette exploded so this palette looks tragic at the moment. I cannot shame myself on the internet so here’s a prettier picture. This palette is a delicacy and I use it all the time. I don’t even think I liked eyeshadow as much as I did until I bought this one. The number of looks you can create are endless and the bright colours just scream summer. I also think it’s a great starter palette for someone trying to get into eye makeup. You’ll soon become just as eyeshadow crazy as I am.

Join the club boo xx

4. Pixi LipLift Max (shade: petal ice) – £12.00

£12.00 on a lipgloss does seem wild, especially when there are definitely cheaper alternatives. Don’t get me wrong, the cheaper alternatives (e.g hair shop glosses) work pretty well and I have no problem using them from time to time.

However, this gloss is a whole new world. I’ve noticed with a lot of glosses, after long periods of wear you get a line on your inner mouth where the gloss has started to separate. I’ve also found that I have to constantly reapply. With my little friend here, you’re good. It’s yet to separate on me and I can wear it for ages before having to reapply. Listen to me closely, this gloss is bomb and I wear it everywhere. My go to look since I’ve bought it is lining my lips with a dark brown and just putting the gloss on top as is.

My lip gloss has most definitely been poppin’.

3. HudaBeauty #FauxFilter Foundation (shade: chocolate mousse) – £32.00

I remember before I bought this foundation I had seen so many reviews on YouTube about how amazing it was and I was already in “need”of a new foundation. On a trip to Birmingham to visit my girls, we fell into the trap of entering Selfridges and here I am. £32 out of my account, gone.

In usual Frances behaviour, I have absolutely no regrets. For me, a foundation only really has to tick a couple of boxes for me. I definitely want to see a difference before and after I put it on, not in shade but in overall glow and how even my complexion is. I also like a matte finish but I have dry skin ( a very bad combination), so I want something matte but not drying. Luckily for me, Huda ticks these boxes and I’m never afraid to let the whole world know. At this point, Huda owes me coins the way I ride for her brand.

2. Inglot x JLo “Livin’ the Highlight Illuminator Face Eyes Body” (shade: luminous) – £18.00

Yes. I know.

£18.00 on a highlighter. Frances, you’re mad.

I was in splurging mood and I’ve put this on the list if you’re as well. I’ve tried a lot of highlighters and to be fair they all pretty much do the same thing. You don’t really need to spend a lot of money on a good highlight for it to do the job. For me though, this is definitely one of my personal favourites.

Prior to this, I was an avid Fenty Beauty “Hustla Baby” supporter and I still am. I just love the finish of this highlight on the skin a little better. It gives me this “glow from within” type of vibe and I’m here for it. As it’s a loose powder highlight, the shimmer particles are slightly bigger and more pronounced so I have no clue as to why it gives me such a subtle, natural glow . Not going to question it though.

It also doubles as a body shimmer which I’m here for!

If you guys are in the market for a cheap but good highlighter, I’d recommend the Make Up Revolution “strobe” highlighters. They’re only £3.00 and work pretty good, they just break very easily so keep that one in mind.

1. NYX Professional Makeup Glitter Primer Glue – £8.00

If I had to pick a favourite out of all these products it would have to be this. I’m even annoyed it took me so long to find out about this product but it’s ok, I got you guys and I’m dashing this knowledge your way.

You would basically use this before putting any glitter on your eyelids to finish up a look. The glitter sticks to it to give you better payoff as well as allowing you to cheat the system of having to cut your crease or create a halo eye with concealer beforehand. I’m by no means a professional make-up artist but my friends always think I’ve put in a whole lot of effort into a look when really… it took me like 5 minutes because of this absolute star.

NYX, you’ve really done something here and you better keep with it.

There you have it my loves. My top 5 beauty products.

If you guys were already using these let me know! If you have some faves you couldn’t live without let me know! I’m always on the market for new products.

with all my love,


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