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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post on beauty and I felt like we had to change that, quickly.

In the same way as makeup, I’m all about skincare. I invest a lot of time and coins into making sure my skin is living life to the fullest. This is especially important considering I love beating my face to the heavens, my skin therefore needs a lot of love to cope with that.

So here, I present to you guys some of the products I love using for my skin. However, before we begin I feel it is important to clarify a couple of things. My skin is fairly clear anyway (thank you momma and Jesus xx) so a lot of these products are to either ensure my skin is clean and hydrated or to treat any sudden breakouts. These products may or may not work for you so please do some research before switching up your own skincare routine.

A lot of these products are fairly basic so I doubt they would do more harm then good but just to be safe, do your research y’all!

Let’s begin!

5. Lush Tea Tree Water (Toner Water) – £4.95

Little bit of background on my skin.

My skin gets very dry so moisturising is key for me which is why this isn’t my everyday toner.  Considering I go to bed straight after my skincare routine, I like my skin to be as hydrated as possible and this just doesn’t give me as much moisture as I would like. However, it is perfect for settling sudden breakouts and clearing them up faster so it’s my go to when my skin starts moving reckless.

I also love how multi-purpose this is! When I’m not using it as a toner, I use it to clean my Rook piercing which tends to act up the most out of all my other piercings. Lush products in general work very well for my skin but this is one of my favourite products they make.

4. L’Oreal Smooth Sugar Nourish Cocoa Face And Lip Scrub – £6.65

So this little delight made an appearance in the Self Care Wednesday post I made a while ago (check that out – here) and it’s back. This is one of my favourite scrubs to use because not only is it great for my dry skin, it’s also incredibly gentle. I try to use it twice a week and I always see a difference in my skin after using it, it really does have my face on a permanent glow.

3. First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser – £15.00

Now, this is my old reliable face wash that I use both in the morning and night. Like all the other products on this list, I love using this because I’m always sure my face is clean, hydrated and refreshed after using it.

Which is all I really need.

One of the things I love about this face wash is weirdly enough, the smell. It smells exactly like African Black Soap which I tried as a face wash once but it reacted terribly with my skin. However, I loved the smell of the soap and I’m glad I can now smell it on a regular without irritating my skin.

Best of both worlds baby x

2. Boots Traditional Glycerin and Rosewater – £2.39

In contrast to the Lush Tea Tree Water, this is very moisturising. This thing was made for my skin and I truly can’t imagine life without this blessing. Not only is it ridiculously cheap, it does the job and then some. I happily use this as my daily toner and my skin thanks me for it by glowing. I think you should all jump on this wave if you have dry skin like me, you won’t regret it.

1. Sephora Collection Cleansing & Exfoliating Wipes Coconut Water – $7.50

Unfortunately, I have no link for this one because Sephora are hella petty and don’t ship to the UK anymore. The wipes are also not on the French site so they just don’t want us to flourish.

I tried Sephora branded wipes for the first time on my trip to Venice and fell in love. They have different types of these wipes that all provide different skincare benefits which I thought was pretty smart. These ones specifically are designed to “soothe and relax the skin as well as provide an immediate sensation of comfort”. I picked up more packs when I was in Guangzhou because guys?

These wipes are the truth.

Not only do they get off all my heavy duty makeup with one wipe, they feel great! My skin truly does feel clean after using these wipes and I know my heart is going to break a little when I finish the two packs I bought.

Anyway, there you have it guys! My Top 5 skincare products.

These do switch up pretty often (at least once every 4 months) just because I do like seeing what else is out there but let me know if you want me to keep this page updated!

with all my love,


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