Hello, hi. I’m Frankie – your friendly, neighbourhood West African hybrid blogger.

You’ve entered this little haven of mine known as Quite Frankly. Quite Frankly is my mind laid out; everything I love and things I enjoy which includes (but is never limited to); beauty, music, travelling and self-care (all types, whether that be your outer or inner self).

All these things play a big part in who I am, and Quite Frankly is a reflection of me. On this little site of mine, you’ll find all these things and I hope you stick around.

I post every other Sunday at 8:30 GMT and usually do a cheeky announcement of that on my socials, so follow me on those which can be found scattered around the blog. If that fails, you can sign up to our lovely email subscriptions so you’re notified in real time when I drop some fire on the blog.

Join the family and I’ll see y’all in the next one!

with all my love,