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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys

This should have been my first post of December but I don’t think it’s ever too late to welcome you all into the Christmas season. I’ve never been that person that gets all excited for Christmas but I do love the warmth it brings.

Christmas movies are on replay, sweater weather and of course, all the cute stuff in between. However, when the month of December does finally hit, the first thing that comes to mind is “lol, this year is really done out here”

I start to think about what I’ve accomplished in the year, my highlights and things I want to achieve for the new year to come. The whole month is the perfect time for complete reflection and that’s why I love it. You have the opportunity to look back at the successes, the failures, all of it.

Currently, I’m in that reflective mood and want to look back on how lit this year was. Not only in my personal life; but in music, television and just media in general. 2018 did the damn thang and I felt like sharing some of the highlights from each of these little domains was absolutely necessary.

Let’s get it.



NAO – Saturn

After “For All We Know”, NAO flew out and left us all to our own devices. She came back this year to give us more of her neo-soul vibes and naturally, I was all here for it. Personal favourite on the album was definitely “Don’t Change”.

6lack – East Atlanta Love Letter

I’m even listening to this as I type this up; 6lack gave us everything we needed and more. I shall be taking this into the new year with me and I’d appreciate no noise about that.

Yxng Bane – HBK

Yxng Bane has been on it this year and I’m so proud of this guy as if to say I know him personally. I think it’s just great to see this guy from East London doing the damn thing, and this album was a representation of that. I actually didn’t expect to love it as much as I do so definitely check that one out guys.

Meek Mill – Championships

Meek also had an eventful year. Following his release from jail, I guess he hit the studio to drop us this album. I was never much of a Meek fan and preferred his features rather than full length songs. However, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It was the kind of rap you can vibe to which I love.

Khalid – Suncity

I think I’m cheating here because this is more so an EP than an album. I apologise, but ya’ll didn’t appreciate Khalid enough this year. That’s a conversation for another time though, let’s get into the EP.

Both he and NAO give me the perfect chill vibe, the type of music you want to listen to with your candles burning and fairy lights on, if you get what I mean. His album naturally didn’t fail to give me this vibe so if you like that sort of thing, check it out.


Todd Galberth ft Anaysha Figueroa-Cooper – Let Praises Rise

I love gospel music because I love the feeling they give me. It’s different to other genres in the sense that it makes you feel this beautiful sense of peace in trying times, so I decided to add one of my personal favourites.

Summer Walker – Girls Need Love

This one has been a hit all year and I’m sure you’ve heard of Summer by now. If not, have no fear and check out her album “Last Day of Summer”. The song is a perfect girl anthem and a reminder that ladies? We can only want a physical connection too! It’s not everyday you want that emotional, winter wonderland type of love.

Or so I’ve heard x

Leon Thomas ft Elle Varner – Beg

Did any of you guys know little Andre from Victorious was out here making hits? I felt so deprived when I heard his album, we had been missing out on his silky smooth voice. Nevertheless, I’m hooking you guys up. This album, especially this song is an absolute vibe. I saw Elle Varner and just knew what this song was going to be.


To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

So, I’ve watched this movie way more than I care to admit but those that know me, know that I’m a sucker for a good teen romcom. This was no exception. For those of you who haven’t watched it, definitely give it a go. Ladies, we all deserve a Peter Kavinsky! Settle for nobody x

Avengers: Infinity War

I got into the Marvel thing pretty late, I’m gonna be real honest. Over the summer, I watched every single Marvel movie and finished off with Infinity War. I made it so that I was all caught up, just in time for Avengers: End Game (a whole other heartbreak to look forward to). We don’t really need to talk about the heartbreak involved in this specific movie but at its core? This movie was everything.

Black Panther

WAKANDA FO’EVA. I remember being so excited to watch this movie and I definitely went representing for the culture. It’s become a little mainstream but originally, it was for good reasons! It was the first big motion picture to have an all black cast and dark skinned actors were in abundance; it was beautiful to watch. I guarantee I also watched this movie way more than I needed to.


Plot twists upon plot twists in this one. I watched this with my friend and thought it would end up being cliche and predictable. I was absolutely incorrect. After a certain point, everything was shocking so Widows? I would 100% recommend. If you don’t enjoy it, roll through to my DM’s. I owe you x


Solo Travel Trip

This is one of those things that I was terrified of doing and did anyway. I love my own company but didn’t think I had the guts to do a whole trip abroad. Needless to say, I’m a bad b so more of those are definitely happening in 2019 x

Girl’s Trip to Marrakech

It was the first time my girls and I flew out and it was a whole week of vibes and love. We took all these new experiences together and thoroughly enjoyed catching flights and not feelings together. 2019, we go again and naturally I’m bringing all of you with me. 

Quite Frankly Launch

Making Quite Frankly was one of the best things I did this year, without a doubt. I’m so proud of this little space I’ve created and I’m going to keep saying it. Not only is it probably the longest thing I’ve committed to; I honestly feel so fulfilled when I’m here, sitting at my laptop writing something out. I wish I had done this way sooner but anyway, let’s boss up because I’m getting a little emotional.

To bigger and better things in 2019 xx

See ya’ll in the next one.

with all my love,


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