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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

The end of the year has creeped up on us.

I feel like everything was a blur after August so when I sit down to write these kind of posts, it really emphasises the fact that another year is wrapping up. 

I don’t know what to say about this one, I think I’m fairly indifferent. 2019 had some phenomenal moments that I think outweighed the trash parts, but of course, it had its heavy trash moments. Nevertheless, I’m grateful. I’m grateful for completing some goals, I’m grateful for growth and I’m grateful for learning.  In the same way as last year, I’d love to share some of the things I’m grateful for this year. In case you missed last years one (here), I’m reflecting on the highlights of 2019. Not only in my personal life; but in music, television and media in general.

2019 won’t go down in history or anything but the highlights of this year most definitely will. I hope you enjoy, and let’s get straight into it.



Burna Boy – African Giant

This year was for Burna Boy. It’s not even up for discussion because the energy he walked into 2019 with? I plan to have in 2020. Not only was this album amazing and pretty much the soundtrack for summer, I have taken it through the seasons and still very much listen to it now. Hearing it reminds me of summer which is much needeed in these cold, winter months. I’m still burning I missed him live in concert but I’ve started the process of healing.

WSTRN – WSTRN Season, Vol 2

WSTRN are so underrated when it comes to actual bodies of work they create. Their singles get some love, but I’ve always thought people are often quiet on their albums. I came across this album by chance and being that their first album already got the gold star from me, I was onboard. As to be expected, it was top tier work. Despite the fact, Akelle (1/3 of the group) was unavailable during the making of this album, his presence is still very much on the album which I loved. I’m going to need this album right here to get more love.

Beyonce – The Gift

Oh, Queen Bee never disappoints. We knew when this album dropped following “The Lion King” premiere, it would be a wrap. She would remind us that she is in fact, the babe with the vocal range. From start to finish, this album served us so much of Beyonce’s range that I almost couldn’t believe it. The album has this afrobeats basis that I’m so here for, as well as her empowering “you are a phenomenal queen” ballads.  All in all, she most definietly gifted us with this album.

J.Howell – RedRoom

The Holy Spirit sent this album down my way.  I can’t rememeber just how I found it on Spotify but it was probably through the “Discover Weekly” playlist. The album is one of my top 2 favourites this year and I’m even inclined to say it’s not no.2. On this one album, J. Howell gave me all the vocals, the range and the vibes I needed to transition from summer to autumn. I need you guys to check him out! My personal fave is “My Love”.

Stormzy – Heavy is the Head

Stormzy came out of nowhere with this album and secured his space on my music highlights. I was worried about this one, I’m going to be very honest. I remember staying up until midnight and listening to the album fairly quickly and being unimpressed. Then, I woke up in the morning, listened again and suddenly it was one of the best projects I had heard all year. Stormzy’s sound is one I don’t think I’ll get tired of, and this album is unapologetically him with the remix of the Tracy Beaker theme tune + him holding a little note on the chorus for a song. Stormzy, I’m taking this into 2020.

honorable mention: SiR –  Chasing Summer 

I have to give SiR his accolades. This album was truly a great body of work and a couple of songs consistently make it into my playlist for the following month. I think why I’ve given it an honorary mention is because I do constantly play the same 3 songs so I must like it enough. It may have to be an album I revisit to remember it’s value, but as of right now? I’d say the songs are great but not memorable.


(1)Mahalia – Grateful  // (2) Sabina Ddumba ft Mr Eazi – Blow My Mind // (3) JC Stewart – Medicine//  (4) Joeboy – Baby // (5) Summer Walker – Playing Games



Spider-Man – Far From Home

I’m still very much a Marvel babe and Spider-Man is one of my favourite superheroes. Taking place after Avengers: Endgame, I knew I needed to watch this not only because I love Tom Holland as Peter Parker, but also because I knew I needed closure. Marvel did its fanbase very dirty with Endgame, but I feel like the latest instalment of the Spider-Man franchise helped me find peace. Top tier cast and storyline if you’re into that sort of thing.

Avengers: Endgame

It’s even still too soon to talk about what this movie did to my mood, but I have to appreciate a masterpiece when I see one. The conclusion to Infinity War (which actually made the cut in last years’ highlights) was 3 hours of  cinematic heaven. Despite being a traumatic experience and most likely the most I’ve ever cried at a film, Endgame was worth the wait and filmed so beautifully. From the references to previous films in the MCU to the appearance of old characters? Give Marvel all the bloody awards.


I absolutely love Christmas movies, and it’s definitely one of the things that keeps my spirits up for the season. This movie is one of the very many I was watching, but it makes the list because of how original the storyline was. It was absolutely tugging at my heart strings and I can’t recommend it enough. Best watched wrapped in a blanket with a hot drink.



2019 dragged on for so long that I know many of you thought this came out last year, I am one of you. Nevertheless, it did come out this year March and generated a whole bunch of conversation due to how trippy it was. I’m still confused on the storyline but I loved how different it was to the norm.  It’s also important to note that Lupita Nyong’o carried this movie on her back.



Oh, university.

Graduating university this year was top 2 and absolutely not 2. Final year was a knock to the mental foundation I had built for myself, so this graduating thing? I wasn’t even excited. I just wanted to pack up my university room and skedadle. However, that feeling when you collect the degree you were doing allnighters for, missing events for, stretching your mental health so far for? It’s absolutely unmatched. I felt so much pride that it almost seemed worth it

Celebrating Chapter 21

I don’t do birthdays. I’ve just never been bothered or cared enough to plan something but this year was a milestone age. I felt like I had no choice but to celebrate, and what better place than surrounded by one of my greatest loves? Music. I headed to the Ends Festival (catch that blog post — here) with some of my closest friends and had the time of my life. I felt loved, I was vibing to some of my favourite artists in person and the sun was shining for real. Safe to say, I’ll be celebrating year 22.

Girl’s Retreat

This year, I am the most grateful for my friends. These girls are my family, my support system and my safe space all rolled into one. We’ve started doing these girl retreat weekends that have me coming back home feeling emotionally drained yet so empowered to take my next steps. They constantly aid my growth process and inspire me to better who I am as a person on these little getaways. I am so grateful for them and this year’s retreat. I truly needed it.

In conclusion, 2019 has had its moments and as always, I’m excited for the new year. I always see a new year as a clean slate and an opportunity to change habits you know need to go, so I’ll be keeping that energy all 2020. I hope you do too.

To bigger and better things in 2020 xx

See ya’ll in the next one and happy new year!

with all my love,


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