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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

For those of you who know, I’m a Twitter addict. Something I’m not proud of by any means but I’ve learnt to accept my truth and I’m working towards kicking my habit. Until then, just know that I’m always scrolling through the timeline. While doing so, I came across a couple of tweets suggesting that all people talk about nowadays is their “MCM” this, or “sweet one” that. This then leads others to make the general consensus that we as a generation are “obsessed with love”

Is that true? Is that all we care about?

Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with wanting to fall in love. The temperature is rising and the season is changing, people want to be able to move reckless through the day and have a little sugar to come back to in the evening. This is fair, live your truth sis! I also don’t see a problem with vocalising that want. It’s social media, people say whatever they want, whenever they want. Even if it may not seem like it, we do have other priorities; this is just the one we want you to see.

However, I do think there is a disconnect. We’re a generation that seems to be so in love with the idea of love, but also very afraid of it. Our hearts swell and faces light up when we see couples doing up relationship goals on the timeline, but deep down many of us worry about the rest of the stuff that comes with a healthy relationship. The vulnerability, the fall before the bliss and the overall risk that a relationship requires us to take.

We are the same group of people that will run away from a potential relationship with the excuse of having “no time” or “working on ourselves”. This is all well and good until we start screaming that our future partner is taking too long to make an appearance. Beloved, you probably met them and told them to keep it pushing all in the name of fear (God forbid, what is yours won’t miss you x). That being said, don’t rush it. Some of you are still figuring out who you are, but this shade I’m throwing right now? That’s definitely for those of you who know you’re hiding behind fear. In doing so, can we still be obsessed with love?

A generation that seems to glorify love but afraid to feel love.

Then there are those who are the opposite. Those who are so afraid of not feeling love and not being in a relationship that they jump from one to the next. Failing to work on themselves in between those jumps. Again, this works well when you’re in the relationship but once you get out of that, you’re back at square one. Not knowing where you’ve gone wrong and how to improve because you don’t know who you are.

Your quirks, your likes and dislikes and anything that comes in between. The fear of being alone works against you, in that you haven’t figured out how to be comfortable alone. This usually means that you’re prone to take rubbish from someone’s child, not understanding that you deserve so much better. You shouldn’t have to force someone to want to talk to you or be with you, something I’m definitely still learning.  If you have to send a paragraph to someone so that they start acting right (word to Oloni’s thread), that one is not for you.

Being obsessed with love may be our downfall. The obsession started from a good place though, we all want to settle down and hang up our trophy. Having played the game well, we all want to rest but don’t let the obsession consume you. That’s when you start taking tomfoolery from one Michael/Michaela down the road.  Just because your mates are getting into relationships and falling head over heels doesn’t mean you must join them.

It’s ok to be single and it’s ok to want to be single for now. Those who are cuffed, leave your single friends alone and stop pressuring them to get into relationships. Single people, focus less on getting into a relationship! Figure out who you are as an individual first before bringing on a partner to ride life with you. Don’t be scared of potential relationships either! Your time will come and when it does, you’ll know and you’ll be happy.

with all my love,


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