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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

We have another different type of post today.

I’ve been trying a whole bunch of new things with Quite Frankly lately and I’m glad you’re all loving it. I really do want this blog to be as broad as possible, and want to feel free to talk about any and everything so that’s what we’re doing. A couple of weeks ago, I made a little tweet about possibly doing a Q&A on here and I guess a couple of you were down for the cause.

However, I’m a unique babe and thought wait? I could do this in the form of a podcast! That idea sounded like a shout to me so I was ready, but then I had another thought. What if I brought my friends in on the affair? Why don’t we literally just record ourselves answering some questions that have been sent to them and me, as well us just cracking bants about university, life and the rest of it.

So I present to you guys, a Quite Frankly special where you actually get to hear the voice behind the words. I hope you all enjoy this slightly different post as much as we enjoyed making it. Special shoutout to my girls that are always down for my random ideas and of course, the endless jokes they gave me while recording this. An additional shoutout to all of you who sent questions as well because I thought I was gonna get just one from my cousin lol.

Before we get into it, a couple of notices: I speak fast ya’ll and I have way too much energy considering we recorded this at like 1am and I stayed up to edit, there’s a slight pause in the beginning (don’t stress) and yeah, I’m proud of this little post! Damn, it took a lot of effort though.

Warning: There are definitely periods of screaming so headphone users? Keep that one in mind.

Hope you all enjoy.

Click play for a chill session at QuiteFranklyxo.

with all my love,


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    1. Thank you so much girl! We had a lot of fun just making bants and I’m glad you enjoyed 😩. I’m also already following you! Loved your post on why you don’t go gym so keep up your slay boo!

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