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Lifestyle / Sunday, January 31st, 2021

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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys

Here we are; the conclusion to “inject me”.

For those of you that haven’t caught up, I recommend you go back to the beginning of this journey to see how we got here. The general vibe in that post was that I had been offered the vaccine but needed more information before I got jabbed up. A couple of days following this, I got the Pfizer vaccine.

This post is to both tell you guys about my experience with the vaccine and also explain how I made the final decision.

First things first, why did I do it?

From “Inject Me”, we know I was already on the fence. Having no information about how this would affect me long-term was giving me a lot of stress. I didn’t know how my body would react and that was enough to strike some fear in me. I also explained how I wanted to wait until more information was readily available before getting jabbed up. However, with cases rising and me constantly being in a healthcare setting? I said I’ve got to start considering this as an option. To do that, I had to get to the bottom of my fears – quickly. Luckily, a lot of healthcare professionals were happily giving away this information online for free. Specifically, Dr Karan. Dr Karan posted a video (find that – here) doing a whole bunch of myth busting – including stating that any crazy long-term effects would have shown up in trial because of the way the vaccine works. That gave me enough reassurance that the worst wouldn’t happen.

Let’s talk about fertility again.

From what I found, researchers still don’t have evidence about the potential impact of the vaccine. Naturally, the worry associated with that is reasonable, especially for women. However, it should be said that this research could take years. With all this in mind, I had to weigh up options. I see COVID as a threat now, something that continues to wreak havoc on life as we know it (I spoke about how this panini is stealing my formative years – catch that here). Therefore, I didn’t need much convincing to get it. I can’t be locked up for the whole year.

Now, onto how I felt directly after the vaccine.

The first day was absolutely fine, a little dead arm and we could move. The second day though? It was rough for a good sis. I was told to expect some aches, a fever and a dead arm – all of which I did have. My temperature on this day was 38.3 so a sis truly was going through it. I processed this as the vaccine doing its job so I just slept the day away. Following that, I woke up as if nothing had happened; I was back to my regular degular self. I assume the second dose will be the same but I’m here now so we’ve got to finish it all up.

Currently, I feel fine. It’s been about two weeks and I would still very much take the vaccine again because ya’ll? This panini doesn’t seem like it wants to release us from its chokehold – I’ve had enough. The only thing to note about being vaccinated has to be the reactions – people act like you’ve said the craziest thing.

“OMG, are you ok?” – dang, I bloody hope so, I’ve done it now.

I would also like to bring back a stat from “Inject Me”

Professor Stephen Evans from The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, highlights that it is necessary for “about 80-90% of the population to have immunity” before the government no longer views Covid-19 as a threat. In comparison to this, research by KCL (hey, alma mater) and Ipsos MORI found that 53% of the population of the UK would be willing to take a coronavirus vaccine when it became available. ” – in translation; some had to get vaccinated or we’d never see outside.

To round it all up.

Let me echo again, that getting vaccinated is a personal choice that nobody should force you into. I am simply providing myself as the test rabbit and hoping that by highlighting my experience I’ve settled some spirits.

see ya’ll in the next one.


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