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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

So I’ve timed this post perfectly and we’ve pretty much hit the season of love that leads up to the milestone day that is: Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is known for its culture of extravagant declarations of love, baecations, hotel room bookings and the lot, but if you’re like me? Valentine’s Day is chilling with your friends and crying at some heartbreaking romantic movie.

There’s definitely two ends of the spectrum.

Valentine’s Day is also the perfect time of year for many of us to identify our place in any current situationships or clarify any “crushes” we may have. If February 14th comes along, and your MCM* is posted up in a hotel room? You are now free to make the following conclusion.

You are not your MCM’s WCW *.

In general, I’m the worst when it comes to feelings, love, relationships and the rest of it; which I have made very clear here at Quite Frankly. I get invested way too quickly and I’m all about protecting myself from any type of setbacks, so I most probably shut down said MCM from making any type of moves. However, I’m still always taken aback and heartbroken in this situation of seeing my MCM living his best life with another sweet babe. It’s even worse when you’ve already decided this guy is your future husband but he just isn’t acting right.

Alexa, play “Girls Need Love” by Summer Walker.

So, ladies, this post is for you. I’ve been in your position and have now decided my ministry is helping others bypass this minor obstacle of your MCM being with another babe; here are my top 3 tips to surviving that pain.

     3. Vent.

You’re burning. You saw his little snap of the meal he and his girl are having at the Shard singing “that should be me”. The feelings you have are completely valid so treat them as such! Vent to whoever you’re close to, scream, do all you gotta do! This type of pain requires an outlet so I’m all for this stage.

     2. Acceptance.

I don’t know how to say this in a nice way so let’s just rip off the band-aid quickly. You didn’t shoot your shot so in all honesty? We’ve got to hold this loss. To quote Slumflower “What’s mine won’t miss me” so if it was really meant to be you, it would have happened someway; whether it be with you shooting your shot or him doing so. Therefore, it wasn’t meant to be and we’ve got to accept it.

  1. Remember, you’re still the baddest babe.

In all seriousness, you not having a babe this Valentine’s day does not and never will negate your beauty and worth. Somewhere along the line, the meaning of Valentine’s Day got lost in translation; people started to take their singleness as an indication of their attractiveness or dateability. Love takes time and if not this year then next Valentine’s day? We move. 

For those of you in happy, healthy relationships. I hope you thoroughly enjoy some quality time with your loved one. For us single people, order a cheeky cocktail with the girls on me x


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