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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

Currently, it’s Easter break for us Brits which should be a break from all things education but really, it’s catching up on all those lectures you missed and lecture notes you didn’t do. I’m most definitely doing the same so don’t feel judged here. This is a judgement free zone.

Anyway, last week I decided to live my best life and then jump back into the education side of things this week. I had something planned for pretty much every day of that week, so yes. Your girl was living.

First up was a Mahalia concert which I actually ended up going to solo. The venue was so close to my house that I felt like I’d be playing myself if I didn’t go. Mahalia’s vibe is right up my street and she also brought along Kojey Radical, another great artist. Remember what I said in my “things we need to leave in 2018” post (check that out – here), we are no longer waiting on people to do things we want to do. Nor should we feel like we’re forcing people to do things we enjoy. We are getting comfortable being alone in this 2019 ladies and gents.

I ended up really enjoying myself! I’m so proud that I took myself out of my comfort zone with that one. I even made friends which made the whole thing all that more fun. Small, intimate concerts can definitely make you feel more self-conscious in terms of feeling like you can’t really get into the vibe and sing your heart out, but the girls I met were really co-signing my madness, so ladies? You were bloody phenomenal and I hope to see you guys soon!

All in all, Mahalia delivered and I’m glad that was the first solo concert I went to.

The next day, I was off to another concert to see my good sis, Ray BLK. Now, if you know me? You know Ray BLK is my honorary big sister, and I was never staying at home while she performed at the O2 Forum. To make the whole thing even sweeter, Hamzaa was her opening act and I could have collapsed. I vibe heavily with both of their music so it was definitely a win-win situation and we thank God.

Hamzaa gave me everything I needed and more. Her range is phenomenal and she seems like such a sweet soul. She had top stage presence and my friends and I were happily singing Breathing with our chest (find that linked here – definitely my favourite song by her).

Now Ray came on stage with a bundle of energy. She was giving me vocals, serving me looks, hitting her two step and just giving me life. Guys, I’m not even fussed about the fact that my voice is most definitely done. She had me living! I really enjoyed it and she will be seeing me at her next concert.

All in all, I’ve made it my personal misson to head out to more live music events this year. Last week was the most fun I’ve had in a while. and if you’ve never been to a concert, add it to your list! It’s a vibe that rarely disappoints and I want you all to live your best life.

The next music event I’ve got lined up is The Ends Festival so I’m practising what I preach. I feel like you should all match my energy and head to any festival that catches your eye.

Move mad this year my loves!

with all my love,


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