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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

Let’s talk about Social Media real quick.

I feel like we underestimate how much power it has and the positive influence it can have on people’s lives. When used correctly, people can really benefit from what social media sites like Twitter can do. Personally, I’m always on Twitter and at this point I must be addicted; I can’t really see myself deleting it. Not only does Twitter give me my daily dose of bants and breaking news from around the world, it also gives me information on new things that I can use in my day to day. This may be new Youtubers to watch, new shows to watch or even new apps to download.

It’s with the timeline that I’m constantly introduced to the major moves Black British creatives are making. This may be through creating platforms that we hadn’t realised we needed until it was made for us, or creating a gap in the market and simultaneously filling it with their creation. I always feel such pride that there are people out there willing to put in the time and effort to create something that society could benefit from. As I’m always here for sharing love and the achievements of others..

(a positive vibe is a positive life hunty x)

I thought I would dedicate a post to those creatives who are doing the damn thang with their startups and platforms that they’ve put their heart and soul into. This will definitely be helpful for those of you who don’t use Twitter as much I do or simply haven’t seen what’s out there.

Onward march x

5. BlackFemmeFilm – platform creating events for black/mixed women to meet-up and socialise

So this concept was developed by 5 black women who saw a gap and decided to fill it. Monique Monrowe, Martha Nakintu, Alegría Adedeji, Stephanie Ozuo, and Nabilla Doma have created a space for black women to come together and chill!

While watching the occasional great movies in a homey environment of course.

It’s only when I started to see this platform promoted on my Twitter timeline did I realise how important it is for black women to have that space and be surrounded by those who look exactly like them. Not many of those spaces exist so when they pop up, we have to support the movement. The dates of the events are always on days that I have something going on but trust and believe, I will be living my best life at their events next year. Hold me to that x

BlackFemmeFilm on Twitter

4. The Creatives Con – a platform supporting the creative hustle

Now, I’ve always been here for this movement from when I went to the launch back in September (you can catch a little bit of what went on – here). This platform was designed by TheClassicManny on YouTube and was made to be a place where Creatives could be appreciated for the effort they constantly put into their projects as well as learn new things from people in the industry already. Not only do they constantly promote the work of Creatives with the #TCLimelight, they’re also planning other events where Creatives can meet up and vibe! I love stuff like that and I’m wholeheartedly here for the cause.

The Creatives Con on Twitter

3. The Review Plug – a platform recommending new shows and movies to watch + new albums to listen to

Ya’ll. This is one of those things I was talking about before, platforms you didn’t know you needed until they were made for you. I’m the kind of person that really struggles to find movies and TV shows so when I saw this little gem on the timeline? I just had to send my thanks. The site is a place where you can find reviews for different TV shows and movies, I’m talking how many stars it’s rated and a little summary of what the show is about. The site literally takes the guesswork out of spending hours upon hours to find a new show to add to your weekly roster, as well as giving you the run down of new albums that have been released. Don’t say I didn’t put you guys on xx

The Review Plug on Twitter

2. The Black Space -a platform that showcases black female creatives

The creator of this site actually reached out asking me to be involved in this and I just agreed with very little idea of what her concept was. When it finally launched, I was blown away. It’s literally and I quote ” a yellow pages for black girls” so I couldn’t be more here for the movement.  The site has a whole bunch of black girls doing great things whether it be on YouTube, the Blogging space, Podcasters, Make Up brands, and a whole bunch of other stuff so you’re always made aware of the new moves that the women of our generation are making. Jay? You did the damn thang.

The Black Space on Twitter

1. Chune – a platform designed to connect people through music

Now, if y’all know me? You know I’ve been screaming about this one app for a long periodically time. We should all know how much I love music by now so this app was a true blessing. Developed by Joshua Oguntino (the colloquially known Uncle Chune), the app was designed to connect people through music. It allows users to share songs they’ve been listening to recently or just love in general with other users and discover new chunes (see what I did there lol) from others as well. The private BETA of the app launched a couple of weeks ago and I was very quick in ensuring I was able to test out the app before it’s official launch. Since the BETA release, I’ve truly been loving the whole concept of the app and I’ve found so many new artists and songs to listen to. The November playlist that is now live is mostly comprised of songs that I’ve found from the app and that’s a true testament to how great it is so Uncle Chune? You did the damn thang.

Chune on Twitter


So there you have it guys, black platforms that are shaking the table with their unique concept. Naturally, there are so many other creatives making major moves in terms of their creative project and I love being able to support the culture and share the love, so I hope you all do check out these platforms as well as other ones you come across.

Share the love!

Let someone know what they’re doing is revolutionary and applaud them for it. We all need a little positive reinforcement to be reminded that what we’re doing is great.

See ya’ll in the next one.

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