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Hey Frances,

It’s me, just checking in.

I know you’re inside reading instead of playing on the landing with the neighbours, we were always nerdy like that. It’s summer, the weather is probably nice but it’s ok, the girls you were playing with weren’t the friendliest anyway.

I also hope you’re not worrying about your cross eye anymore? It gets less noticeable as you get older, I promise. As for the way you walk? You embrace your bad b strut now so it’s not that bad.

I remember how much we hated our smile. There are so many pictures with that weird stretched smile of ours and you don’t look as happy as I know you are in them. I think it was because of how big our teeth are but if it helps, you grow into them and have an even better smile now. Please note the “better”, your smile was great before and the kids at school can suck their toes.

Don’t stress too much about friends, when you hit secondary school you make a whole bunch of lifelong friends. Sisters even, who are stuck with you and your weirdness (you’ve learnt to embrace that too).

Don’t stress about that boy you like either, you get over it and realise how silly you were to waste any type of feelings on him.

I’d say stop talking in class but I know you and…that’s not possible. Try to keep it to a minimum though, especially during Maths. That will probably help us a lot in the future.

Also don’t go and give us stress by picking Chemistry for A-Level, we both know you don’t want to study Medicine.

I promise Mum will get over the switch in career choice, she’ll even support you so don’t stress about that either. A-levels didn’t go to plan anyway but you got through it and I’m proud of you.

Moving on.

I remember when we were younger we wanted a job that makes people happy, I don’t know how we got to the conclusion of TV Presenter (especially because you’re only that confident when you’re comfortable ) but we did. It’s ok though, I think I found a different, more suitable profession we’re gonna love so don’t stress over not knowing what we’re gonna do in life. I think I’ve got it almost covered.

Don’t go on that date by the way. He’s trash and it took you a while to get over it. Also, Francis rolls back into the picture but you’re ok. He’s not that bad and you guys are civil.

Another thing Frances, stop wearing jumpers in summer to cover up. People will stare regardless of what you wear so you might as well be comfortable. You cannot come and burn in this UK heat my love.

You’d be so surprised that you wear bodycon dresses now! We’re proud of our body girl, took us a while but we’re almost there!

While I’m here!

Do not let Auntie Nserah touch your hair before that Year 6 prom. The outcome is mad babe, trust me. She did us way too dirty and we are definitely still fighting her for that to this day. You know us and grudges.

The insecurities also get better babe, listen to Mum! You’re a gorgeous little girl with a whole lot of personality. (Side note: you still talk hella fast but people are used to you, do try and slow down though love).

Very important piece of advice before I go: Inhale, exhale babe. Stress gets to you a lot but you can handle it, one breath at a time. You’re actually doing really well so don’t get discouraged. Don’t let insecurities keep you down and remember the end goal.

Please act like a kid and go outside once in a while. Stop staying at home all the time and find healthy ways to deal with those periods of trashiness. You have friends that are always willing to listen so don’t shut them out and try to deal with it alone. The beauty is you don’t have to.

Our brain goes all over the place but regardless, you’ll be fine.

We are fine.

with all my love,


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