this is not the time to hit your ex up.

Lifestyle / Sunday, March 22nd, 2020

Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

If you are triggered by the following message, I am sending you strength and healing. As a community, we can get through this together.

A lot has happened since I was last here. The world, in a matter of days, did a whole 180 from our “normal”. Suddenly, everything was cancelled and people everywhere began the necessary process of social isolation. I tossed up whether or not I even wanted the current events/negative vibes on Quite Frankly because I’m sure many of you, like me, are tired. Tired of hearing the statistics, and tired of feeling anxious of news to come. So, I decided to lighten the mood (for me, maybe not you) with something I know a whole bunch of you are falling into the trap of doing out of sheer boredom. I almost fell into it, so take this as me not wanting the same mistake for you. The trap you ask? Entertaining someone that should not be entertained.

According to my friends, I’ve been putting negative vibes into the universe with this agenda. However, I’m (as per usual) coming from a place of love and care. During this period of being stuck in doors, I feel like a lot of us will make some mistakes in the spirit of boredom. We’ll facetime that person that’s been trying to get to know us, we’ll continue talking to someone we know we aren’t compatible with, we’ll let the usual red flags slide in the sake of being entertained. I need you all to maintain and remember your standards during this time. Your MCM/WCW is indoors and still airing you? This is not the hill you should camp on and lay your life down for.

It is not because you are bored that you forget the promises you’ve made to yourself or the people you have removed from your space. When this is all over, and everyone has free movement again? People are going to want you to back the energy you were giving during quarantine. They’ll start asking you about that closure you requested and that date you agreed to. 9 times out of 10, you now probably regret the fact that you’ve agreed and opened up the playing field for conversation.

So, to avoid this sense of regret and providing someone who doesn’t deserve a free pass into your life again, we’re going to use this time at home differently. “Build a business” twitter said that we should use this opportunity to develop our brand and work on our craft. They’re not completely wrong but it is not necessarily our brand we have to work on. Working solely on our craft, ourselves and on personal development can definitely be the vibe during this period. Being able to step away from life and immerse yourself in thinking about next steps and the future is a privilege we rarely receive, so I’m taking advantage of it. The world has stopped for the meantime but it’s not permanent, so why not use the cease fire to figure out how to achieve the rest of the goals set for this year.

Life, especially in London, is so fast-paced that we very rarely have that opportunity to process emotions from the day, sort them out and move on to the next. Very rarely do we have the opportunity to give ourselves a reset to change things that aren’t working for us so take this as that chance. I’ll be using the time to catch up on uni notes, try to sort out future steps and to rest.

All jokes aside though, I know this social distancing/self-isolation is doing a lot of us but stay safe. This is a crazy time to be in right now, but soon we’ll be out in the sunshine resuming hot girl/ city boy summer. My thoughts are with those affected and I’m sending you love.

Remember though, don’t hit up that ex.

with all my love,


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