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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about fear and the body’s response to it. For those of you that are new here, I’m a Psychology student so instantly, the thing that came to mind was this process known as “fight or flight”. To summarise, it’s basically how the body responds to different stressors that can usually cause fear e.g spiders or closed spaces. The body can either decide “yeah, let’s try and fight through this” or “I’m good love, enjoy”.

I’ve been thinking that in most cases, whether it be just be me or my body? I’m always the latter.

I’m not very big on change and trying new things that could potentially go wrong. Neither am I that person who will make any moves to overcome a fear of mine. In all honesty, I’m a walking contradiction because I see myself to be the loudest advocate for doing the things that scare you yet, I rarely practice what I preach. I’ve always seen fear as a problem for another day in the sense that I’ll get to that stage of conquering. If your fear is like mine and not something you can easily encounter, you’re good so why make any moves to overcome it?

My excuse is that fear makes you human so I clearly need it right? Without it, do I become this fearless bad b who can do any and everything? Do I consistently live life on the edge as a result?

I’ve realised this year that fear is very toxic. Humans need fear to prevent us from doing stupid things like walking into ongoing traffic but there is a little part of fear that we could do without. That part that creates irrational thoughts about an otherwise harmless situation. For me, fear creates irrational thoughts about failure.

My brain sees failure as the be all and end all with no bounce back, so usually I’ll avoid a situation that can bring any type of failure. I’m genuinely afraid of that possibility of failing in life and even though I don’t wish that upon myself, it is still something I’m aware could happen. I think it’s that awareness that makes trying new things and putting myself out there very sticky.

So that’s something I want to work on from this year to the next: conquering this fear of failure.

I need to get to a stage of understanding failure does happen, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try again and succeed. If any of you remember a while ago I wrote about blocking your blessings (you can check that one out here – here) so I’m going to make more of an effort to practice what I preach.

Of course, I’ll let you guys know how that goes.


See ya’ll in the next one.


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