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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

I deliberately didn’t post something last week because I wanted to write something for this special occasion of mine. To be specific, graduation. On Friday, July 19th 2019, your baby girl graduated and now holds a whole degree in Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience. In translation? I’m more expensive.


I have no idea why it feels like a dream but it does. It hasn’t sunk in that little ol’ me and undergrad no longer have business. I’m out baby! I keep looking back at my graduation pictures like wow, I really made it. The last 3 years flew by and it most definitely got more difficult as I went on. By the last hurdle, a sis was very exhausted and very ready to collect her degree, smile and bounce. The lead up to graduation was also more effort than I had the strength for so I most definitely wasn’t in the spirit to begin with. It was filled with planning, last minute shopping and the fear of dropping when it’s time to collect that degree (I didn’t, bless up) so I was over it all by the time the day came. However, the moment I saw myself and all my friends in our graduation gowns? I felt nothing but happiness. We worked for that paper! We really put in the hours and came out with sweet grades! Lord knows that degree tested all of us and I absolutely doubted the possibility of me getting to this point but, we thank God for perseverance and growth.

Essex was never my first choice university and I remember feeling so heartbroken that I ended up there in the first place. That’s wild to me because I honestly couldn’t imagine doing my undergrad anywhere else. I was definitely put there for a reason. It taught me to find a balance between work and play, I met amazing people along the way, had some fun experiences and learned so much about myself. Don’t get me wrong, I complained about university probably every day. With every deadline, every exam, I was screaming but honestly, I’d do it all over again x2.

So what’s next? I’m off to collect a Masters in Clinical Neuropsychiatry and I’m excited. I’m not done with education for now and I’m still pretty excited to learn so I’m off to learn some more (don’t reference this when I complain about that degree please, thanks xx). I’ve always been that person that had a life plan so God wiling I stay on the path I’m on currently because right now it seems to be going well. I’ve got one more graduation season left and I’ll come slaying for that as well, bless up.

As for what’s next in the immediate future? I’m off on my travels. I’ll probably be on a plane when you guys read this actually. Any guesses to where I’m off to? If you’re a terrible guesser like me you’ll find out in the next instalment of the “where she goes” series. Until that goes live, I have a little travel highlight on my Instagram so check that one out as I update it.

To conclude, graduates and soon to be graduates? Congratulations. The same pride I feel for those I know, I extend to you. Completing a degree is a lot and despite that stress, you all managed to do it. Whether you took a year out, whether you repeated a year, whether you retook modules, you completed it baby. Frankie applauds you. To my support system, thank you for encouraging me and never failing to tell me to pattern up. Love you all to the moon and back. For those of you graduating in the coming years, you’re almost there! Keep it together, give it that little push and you’ll be right here with us. We look forward to welcoming you to the squad.

See ya’ll in the next one.

with all my love,

the graduate


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