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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

So today’s topic is one that again, I’ve been meaning to touch on for a while. It’s something I see on Twitter as well as something I speak to my friends about, so I think someone out there might benefit from this one. Today, we’re talking all things Masters related. How I decided I wanted to do another year in education and how I’m coping two months in.

As I’ve said multiple times on here, I’m currently an MSc student and I did that straight after completing undergrad. Some people prefer to either find a grad job or just take a year out after graduating from undergrad because education? Yeah, it’s long. I just felt like a Masters was the best option for me and knew if I took a break from education, I wasn’t coming back.

Let’s get one thing out of the way. Your girl is struggling out here.

I don’t know what I expected, but it definitely wasn’t for this degree to be so very time consuming and draining. I don’t know if it’s because the content is harder or because I’m going about this so different to undergrad. I’m still working part-time and I’m staying at home instead of on campus which basically means = being busy and having a whole bunch of distractions around me. I have no idea how people were balancing life so well during undergrad because working, making time to socialise, having time for myself as well as posting on Quite Frankly? Yeah, my head hasn’t wrapped itself around that.

I’m quickly realising this degree is not for the faint-hearted like myself. Therefore, when people start screaming at you for being at home post-graduation instead of doing your Masters, be sure to let them know it’s not something you just “do”. I don’t regret my decision in the slightest but the reason I’ve brought this topic up is because people can fall into the trap of just “doing” a masters. I’m writing this to make the decision making process a little easier. I’m not an expert or anything. but I’m hoping the fact this is all still fresh for me can help someone still tossing up their options. It’s literally like my 5th week out here but I think I’ve got a rough enough idea to add my 2 cents to someone deciding on going for a Masters.

First things first, a masters isn’t a joke. If I didn’t actually like this degree, I’d be on the first plane out.

Periodt. I cannot come and die.

It’s not undergrad and the workload + the content is not the same. It’s hard work, effort, and just long. In that same breath, it’s rewarding and if it’s in something you have a passion in (which it should be), it can be quite enjoyable or simply good enough for you to actually turn up to lectures. My point is, the road isn’t easy so it’s not a decision you should take lightly. Research, plan, think long term about what you think this Masters will do for you. If those answers don’t seem appealing? Then it’s not by force. Just because your family is on your case for being at home right after graduation, doesn’t mean you should pack your load and do a masters to shut them up.

Additionally, this one ain’t free like we know it to be boo. For undergrad, not one cent was coming out of our account for tuition, SFE (Student Finance England) had us covered completely. However, in this case, SFE only covers so much so that the remaining 3/4K depending on your degree, is coming out of your pocket. In other words, you’re actually paying paying for this degree. The applications as well as travel during the course is not free. In total, this thing is bloody expensive and all the little things add up.

The application process is also another thing to consider. Depending on how many universities you want to apply to, that’s the number of personal statements needing to be tailored to each university. In other words, more work. I knew where I wanted to go and took a risk by just applying there. I got lucky so would only recommend that risk if you’re sure you’d only want to go to that place and nowhere else. To add to that, having to adjust to life as a “first year” starting a new university definitely took me some time. I hadn’t even thought about that kind of adjustment when applying, but having course mates is just as important as it was in undergrad for that transition.

Finally, think about job prospects. The world is changing and pretty much everyone has a degree. Experience is now the thing that can easily separate one candidate from another. If you’re planning to pursue a Masters, ensure you’re not just academically fit for the world but actually fit for the world. In an all round sense. Academics can only take you so far so I know a Master’s isn’t guranteeing me a job, I just wanted to do it. If your experience is already top tier then a Master’s is not by forcee. This is the point I want to hammer home; I feel like a lot of us are getting pressured or are even just tempted to get back into the safety net of being a student again. We’re forgetting how much we actually hated being students.

In conclusion, life is hard and we have to make grown up decisions now. So, I leave you with these words: further your education if it’s what you want to do. Further your education because you know it’ll help you in the long run. Further your education if there are things you want to know more about. If that isn’t the case?


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