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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

Now, the last time I did a little podcast post on Quite Frankly was November and it was a Q&A that apparently, a lot of you enjoyed. It was so much fun to make and I knew for a fact I’d be doing many more of them in the future (when I felt like the vibe permitted such). I’d been wanting to do a girl’s talk on Quite Frankly for a while as well but I imagined it to be a nightmare to type up so here we are.

Another podcast.

I wanted to normalise the conversation on certain topics that have this weird stigma around them whenever they’re discussed in public. Quite Frankly is my little space that I’ve made for myself, so nothing is off limits. Especially things that I, as a woman go through on a day to day. . Being that most of my friends are girls, they can relate to the same struggles so it made perfect sense to bring them into this little discussion.

That being said, we go again. Another podcast but with a whole new squad of friends and a whole new topic area. I hope you guys enjoy this one and see ya’ll in the next one. As per usual, this would not have been possible without the lovely ladies on this episode so special shoutout to my phenomenal, supportive friends. Also, it’s currently 5am and I’m here editing this bloody thing, but it was so much fun to make so again, I hope you all enjoy.

Click play for a chill session at Quite Frankly.

Warning: This is definitely PG-13 and there are definitely periods of screaming. Much love.

with all my love,


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