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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

So last week, we heard one guy’s view on the opposite sex. Things they love and hate about us were shown to us in the form of a cute little letter (if you haven’t seen that, you can find it – here) but the general premise was how we, ladies, are absolutely mad with no one to check us. Great points were raised because I was most definitely triggered but that’s not what today is about.

Today is our turn to put some guys on blast so as I currently occupy the CEO position of AMAB (all men are bludclarts x), I accept this honour of replying to the lovely letter.

Let’s get it.


Dear Gentlemen,

Where do I even begin.

I could most definitely wrap this up by just saying you’re all mad and I’m here to tell you, but I’m a conversationalist so let’s break that theory down.

Why don’t you guys move to girls with respect? No shade, no tea, just asking because I would love to know. While we’re here, why do you guys make a girl feel like you want anything more than something sexual? While I still have you here, what’s up with the whole mixed signal thing you guys throw our way? It’s either you’re feeling the kid or not bro, I’m gonna need you to make it clear.

I got things to do.

I also hear you guys have a problem with our expectations and how shallow we are. I think you’ve got the wrong idea, we’d never want you to change who you are because that defeats the whole purpose of dating you. That being said, we know what we want. I’d personally love a tall, schweet and educated zaddy that I can talk to about interests, life and just random stuff fluidly. Fluid conversation is a big thing for me and so if I can’t find that in you? I won’t try and change you babe, I’m just gonna look elsewhere x

This next one is for you “not ready for a relationship” brothers because you lot are very wayward. For those of you who are unfamiliar, these are the ones that pursue girls  with the knowledge that they are not in the correct space to be cuffed. They are either emotionally unavailable, still holding onto this baby boy lifestyle or simply like the idea of a relationship more than actually being in one. These issues aren’t a problem until this guy disturbs a girl’s peace with no intention of cuffing her therefore verifying the statement “men are trash”
Ladies, can you relate? You were minding your own business, working on your self, grinding for those grades and that paper. Only for a guy to come through, make you catch feelings and then hit you with the “Oh, I’m just not ready for a relationship right now”. So what were we doing love? Why did you enter my life and throw me some wild signals? Please don’t expect this girl to wait for you to be ready by the way, there’s a guy who’s ready elsewhere. That also goes for you guys that break a girl’s heart and when she’s moved on you suddenly want to make an appearance. That can’t run boo.
And as for this “nice guy” thing you lot like to throw our way. A nice guy is cute and all but if we aren’t attracted to that nice guy, what would you like us to do? We bros boo.
Additionally, guys always feel entitled to a relationship or something more when they’ve confessed their feelings. You guys seem to forget that feelings are a two way street, if I don’t have them? I apologise. As for us going back to the same useless candidate? I haven’t got an answer for that one. Those aren’t our brightest moments.
I also find it very funny how you guys love to scream about communication and seemingly never put this in practice. You’ve hurt a girl who thought you wanted something more than sex, solution? Communication. You’re moving to a girl and she’s entertaining you, next step? Communicating that you’re feeling her. To be fair, we could most definitely do the same (shoot your shot ladies) but that’s not what we’re talking about right about now.
Let’s talk about intuition.
Ladies, correct me if I’m wrong. When you start doing detective, is it or is it not because a guy has given you signs to make you think you need to be? I’ve never understood this logic of girls just waking up and deciding they want to go and find information that could potentially break them. No one purposely goes out of their way for this information without some indication that the information in question actually exists.
You all make me scream if I’m keeping it 100%, but it’s even more frustrating when I realise this anger is really all rubbish because I most definitely want to find my sweet one to settle down with.
I’m a true hopeless romantic and get really excited when I’m talking to someone I like, I’ll just be there smiling at my phone like one idiot but it’s fine. You would be my partner in crime and we’d see what the rest of the world has to offer so of course I’d be excited.
Don’t get it twisted though, I’m not in that much of a rush where I’m gonna settle and just take whatever comes my way, I’m a patient soul and will happily wait. You guys should do the same and then maybe, just maybe we wouldn’t scream men are trash for hopping from sister A to sister B so quick.
So yeah, maybe not all men are trash but the few of you that are? Definitely ruin it for the rest of your mates x
yours sincerely,
a girl who’s tired.
There you have it guys, that brings us to the end of this little mini series that I hope you all enjoyed as much as I did.
See ya’ll in the next one
with all my love,

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