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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys!

Today’s post is slightly different and very much long overdue; it’s different in the sense that this week’s post will be part 1 of a two-part series. For those of you who listen to Wretch 32, I’m sure you know where this post is going but let’s explain the concept.

His & Hers (Perspectives) is a Wretch 32 song off his FR32 album and I remember replaying it constantly when I first heard it. The song is basically a conversation between two people in a relationship, first from the guy’s point of view and then the girl responds. The whole song is them voicing their opinions and trying to work through whatever issues they’re going through (link to the song is – here).

I rediscovered the song recently and got a little idea from listening to it over and over again. I’d love to try and have that kind of conversation. Now, I don’t plan to do couple’s therapy on here so that’s not where this is going but I have brought on a male friend of mine to help me out.

Today’s post is for the ladies; our lovely guest blogger is free to write about whatever they think ladies “need” to understand when it comes to guys. The opposite sex has a different perspective on things like dating, relationships and love so today I’m leaving Quite Frankly in their hands. Please note: all views expressed in this guest post are not reflective of Quite Frankly, I beg x

Next week, is for the guys. I’ll be back in my usual position and replying to this lovely letter as well as spilling some tea on things I think guys need to know.

There you have it, time for me to get to stepping and let our lovely anonymous writer put the ladies on blast.



Dear Ladies,

Let me keep it real and get straight to the point with you.
We don’t like how you lot place so much emphasis on certain things us guys are “supposed” to do
Like how shallow your mind is when it comes to guys moving to you
Or how you turn us down then find out we’re talking to a new girl or two
But still have the audacity to get mad and claim that “he never really wanted me in the first place”
And oh my oh my, you lot always scream “there’s no such thing as a nice guy”
But when one comes knocking on the door, you seem to lose all common sense, eyesight and you overlook him just to go back to the same fool who played you in the first place… but is it even fair for him to be the one who gets labelled a fool?
Communication is key right? But why is it you feel the need to step all over a guy who brought his feelings for you to the light?
I wasn’t going to go off but I just might
You like playing detective, trying to find something that isn’t there
And when we’re baffled standing like who ,what, what, what , where
That’s the time for you to drop the famous “You don’t even care…”
Don’t get it twisted, I’m not saying everything you do is toxic
Because, as much as you can make us want to pull out all our hair, is the same way you can make us feel like we’re loved and someone truly cares
And then there are the little things you do:
From the way you cover your face when you laugh to the little messages you send when you haven’t heard from me in a while
But I digress.
So before you start shouting “men are trash” from reading this
Don’t put all the eggs in one basket
Remember, I am one man out of the 3.4 billion others
So my opinion might not be the same as my brother’s
Yours sincerely,
I’m slightly triggered but it’s all good, my reply will be up next week xoxo
Until the next one ya’ll.
with all my love,

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