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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

In the last couple of days, summer has finally started to show out. If we take out the whole “we have responsibilities and work to be doing” vibe, the weather has been perfect to move mad. Summer in London is like no other because everyone is radiating happiness and glowing from within, very different to the mood during winter where all we want to do is stay indoors. During exam season, the thing that got me through was the potential for a “Hot Girl Summer”. Megan Thee Stallion came through with this motto for the season, as did City Girls for a point. Ultimately we collectively decided a Hot Girl Summer was a more feasible goal.

Definition: the summer of enjoyment, doing up baby girl antics and just moving absolutely wild while collecting the bag.

This “Hot Girl Summer” made perfect sense for a lot of us. A lot of us were turning the big milestone age of 21, many were finishing up with university and every week of January, a new festival or day party was being promoted to the masses. With the temperatures expected to rise, I had planned in advance these hot girl outfits, a consistently beat face and a laid wig. For a while, I was able to do so and I did it well. With some music events, a cheeky trip to Barcelona and a couple of link ups with my girlies, summer was making a lot of sense. However, a lot of us failed to focus on the one thing that is required to fully engage in “Hot Girl Summer” and attend all of the events that make it so.

The damn money.

I was idealistic, I must say. Definitely not as much as my peers, but I did book a lot of things and think about the cash loss associated with it much later. This meant that early on in the summer, my bank account started to scream, and I mean really scream. Like I said before, I had also planned some travels so I caught on early that I needed some income in the form of a job.

Now, a new problem became of making this choice. I have no idea how I’m meant to fully engage in “Hot Girl Summer” and reach my baby girl potential if I’m always at work. Hear me out, this is the summer where I should really live my best life but if I’m always stuck at work how can I do so? Then if I don’t go to work, I have no money to live my best life. An unfair paradox this one and I’m so sure so many of us are going through this. The funny thing is, I haven’t even been working for a large chunk of this summer anyway but I’m thinking for the future. How many link ups am I going to have to pass on just because I’m making coins?

This post is for you guys, so you feel seen and know that you’re not alone. Please don’t think there’s a solution to this paradox somewhere in here because I’m still trying to find one – let me know if you guys have one but this post is just me complaining about how expensive life is because ya’ll? It really is. For the rest of you that have found the perfect balance between work and play? Please drop some tips in the comments for the rest of us. Summer isn’t over yet so there is still some hot girl antics to look forward to. We just need some advice on how to live the best of both worlds, of which I cannot provide. Apologies x

see ya’ll in the next one.

p.s: happy july ya’ll – the playlist for July is out now xoxo

with all my love,


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  1. I absolutely loved this post my Boo! I am doing up Hot girl summer from the comfort of my work desk sha!
    Please have some enjoyment on me yeah. With all things in life there must be balance, so we need to=hose down days to work and get to the bag. You’re not the only one caught in that catch 22 LOL

    Enjoy yourself, stay safe, think about the bag, always think about the bag and live your best life.

    This was my fave line ‘the summer of enjoyment, doing up baby girl antics and just moving absolutely wild while collecting the bag’ I LOVE IT!!!


    1. Thanks Jenna! I’m glad you liked it! I’m going to really try and exercise balance so I can enjoy too but I’m glad I’m not alone. Don’t work too hard!

      with all my love, Frankie

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