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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

Happy International Women’s day! A day made for us, by us.

Being a woman is not something someone forgets. At face value, I am a Black woman. Look a little deeper then I’m a Black British woman, with Sierra-Leonean and Ghanaian heritage. I’ve always been proud of this fact, something permanent that will not and cannot change. Therefore, you’d think I’d be hype about today but I had honestly forgotten all about it.

Despite all the ads and the promotional stuff that brands were doing, I was operating on tunnel vision. I think it’s because I rarely see them as coming from a genuine place. It gives me gimmicky vibes but nevertheless, I do love seeing the spotlight on inspirational women and having a bigger conversation on gender inequality. I love the open discussions about how it affects us daily without us even realising, and I’m here for the extra sense of sisterhood.

Day’s like today are so important for everyday women. Sure, we can glide through life without thinking about the gender pay gap and harassment every minute of every day. However, some things are constant and we think about them a lot during the day. A 5-second interaction will quickly remind us that we are women, whether it be either positive or negative, and I always wondered if that was the same with men. Are they constantly aware of their gender in specific environments? The gym, the club, walking past a large group of people? In general, women don’t easily forget the challenges that come along with being a woman. However, I do think we forget to reflect on the amazing things we are capable of. Hence, me forgetting all about today.

I am constantly surrounded by inspiring women; my role models, family and my closest friends. All these women make tremendous moves and shake tables. With that in mind, how could I not be here for the celebration of the woman? How could I not be a feminist? I remember a couple of years ago, Camilla from Love Island made a scene about the guy she was coupled up with not being a feminist. I didn’t get it then but I definitely get it now.

With International Women’s Day focusing on all things gender inequality, how can we skip over the principle of feminism and why not being one is a red flag?

feminism” (noun)

  1. the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

To be a feminist is to believe ultimately in the equality of the sexes. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. This discussion is year-round but on today of all days, I think it’s important to emphasise. Worldwide events like this are necessary because the above is yet to be true and the mantra of “men are trash” still very much applies (I’m kidding, I think). If there’s one thing I need you to take from this post, it’s that to be a feminist is not to be anti-men. You can love men and love equality, the two are not mutually exclusive. Yet, people treat them like they are. Let’s change that, please and thank you.

So International Women’s Day? A day we remember our struggles but elevate our successes. A day we identify our fears but also remember our strength. Being a woman extends past these things. Despite the periods and the gender pay gap, the internalised fear of ones safety and the consistent pressure to be perfect by society, a divine sisterhood remains with women everywhere. There is comfort in knowing that in a situation where you are alone and uncomfortable; a complete stranger, a woman, will be able to relate to the struggles and act as a potential ally. United by gender alone and all that comes with it, you already have a supporter. Oh, to be a woman.

So this one’s for my fellow woman: you is strong, you is smart and you is important.

I hope you never forget.

with all my love,


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