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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

First and foremost, I hope you all had a blessed Christmas. Season’s greetings if you will!

2019 is swiftly approaching and with its arrival, we bid farewell to this lovely year of 2018. Now, I believe the standard protocol would be to sprinkle good vibes and some knowledge for us to take into the new year, so that’s my plan. This post is something for us all to take into 2019 so we may all thrive and live our bestest.

Personally, I’m trying to make 2019 a litty one, no questions asked. To do that, I’m gonna need certain things to change and I think some of you may benefit from changing these things as well. That being said, let’s get it. The Top 5 things we need to let die in 2018. If you’re triggered, it means you need to sort it out x

5. Procrastination

I’m triggered too so it’s fine. For some of us, January exams/ deadlines are very local. We cannot keep using this excuse of being on break and “we cannot come and kill ourselves” to not be doing the work we should be doing. This is not to be taken as we shouldn’t take a break, of course you all should. However, if it is the same “break” you have been on since university term ended? I’m gonna need you to step up your game and get to work.

4. Waiting for people

No longer are we waiting for our friends to do things before we do them! If you want to travel, you do it. If you want to take an experience, do it! If you want to start a new venture, you don’t need someone to start it with you! Practice independence and start getting comfortable doing things alone. It’s scary and definitely a wild concept at times but there’s too much of the world to see and too much things to do to be waiting for people. Viva la resistance and dem man!

3. Inconsistency

At the beginning of 2018, you said you were going to the gym. How many times this year did you go? Listen, I’m shouting at myself too so this isn’t me drawing you out beloved.

My point is that too many goals were made this year that required consistency that I did not provide. Not in 2019! In 2019, we bloody move. Please quote this post to me whenever I start to move slack on this blog y’all. However, please let it be known that I’m changing the scheduled posts from every week to every other. I don’t know who I thought I was doing up big piece of writing every week, with deadlines and uni creeping up on my head. I appreciate your understanding x

2. Indirects/Hints

I’m definitely guilty of this don’t get it twisted, but in 2019 we are speaking up.

With our chest.

Closed mouths don’t get fed and we can no longer be endorsing this business of dropping hints to our MCM instead of shooting our shots ( I’m still not doing that by the way xoxo). We’re also speaking up when we have a problem with someone! If someone’s chakras are not aligned with yours, it’s perfectly fine to speak and say “I don’t think we click any more”. Stop keeping negativity around you for the sake of saving face and trouble. One more time – closed mouths don’t get fed y’all! Anyway, back to this business of hints and indirects. This whole concept actually brings me nicely into our last point.

1. Situationships

It’s taken me a while to learn my own self worth, I won’t lie to you all. However, I have and so now the game is changing. I’m far too elite to be taken for one idiot, as are you all. The moment you come to this realisation, you begin to understand that somebody who recognises this? Will cuff you. Somebody that knows what they want and is firm in that belief? Will not waste your time. In 2019, we are not allowing individuals who are not ready for you to waste your time. My brothers and sisters in Christ, please hear my plea.

I hope you’ve all read these points and felt slightly triggered as I have! In 2019 we continue to exercise our growth and we can only do this by letting these things go. That’s all from Quite Frankly for 2018! I hope you all had a blessed, safe and enjoyable Christmas. Thank you all so much for an amazing year and I’ll see you in the next one.

To bigger and better in 2018, Happy (Almost) New Year.

with all my love,


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8 Replies to “LEAVE IT IN 2018, PLEASE”

  1. Sis, say waiting for people LOUDER. If I look back at all the times I’ve wanted to do things but my friends haven’t wanted to or haven’t been available and I could’ve just gone alone but I didn’t? None of that energy in 2019 please!

    1. Thanks girl! I love doing a little bit of triggering so I’m glad you enjoyed. I’ll definitely check your post out and wish you all the best for this year tooo xx

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