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Hello, hi. Welcome back my loves.

I feel like I’ve taken a break from blogging even though I posted something last week (find that – here) but I just haven’t been checking in on my blog as much as I should be. However, your girl has been working so she’s been just a tad busy. Nevertheless, I really wanted to take the time to express how much I appreciate all the love you guys dash my way. So many of my friends have let me know how proud they are of me and that alone brings me so much joy.

Shoutout my support system.

Anyway, let’s get this post started.

As I’ve already said, I’ve been pretty busy lately but I’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing and reflection. On my summer, on my life and just generally my own little personal achievements. For those of you who are new here (what’s good my g x), Quite Frankly was birthed from my desire to embark on my own self-love journey. One key part of doing so involved creating memories. Memories in all forms; pictures, music and even little snapchat videos. Literally anything I could look back on and smile at? I wanted to make.

I knew this would be a problem for me though because I hate being the focus of a camera. I didn’t realise how self conscious I was until I thought about all the times my friends would offer to take pictures of me, and I’d be like “I’m good luv”. That was also something I wanted to change on my journey this year, so to fully commit to this little task I did something pretty wild.

I made an Instagram.

Crazy right? You all thought I was gonna say something so far fetched and inspiring but no, I literally just made an Instagram account. My friends were always screaming at me to make one but I couldn’t fathom a world where I’d willingly take pictures of myself and upload them regularly, I just wasn’t at that confidence level yet and I was making no moves to get there. Until this year.

I knew that I really wanted to get to a stage of being happy with who I was and making an Instagram account seemed like a pretty good start to me. I knew it would require actual maintenance and I hoped that through that I’d be inspired to take more pictures of the little and big experiences in life; whether that be hanging out with friends or visiting new places. There are some experiences that need some physical reminders and it took me some time to realise that.

I did a LOT this summer and I documented pretty much all of it, something I probably wouldn’t have done a year ago. For me that’s growth and I’m so happy I made little memories that I can consistently look back on. I also took a lot of pictures of just me and through that, started to recognise my own beauty.

No, this doesn’t mean I needed validation from social media.

I think things like social media act as a good reminder of how fly you are when you’re having periods of trashiness. This is a realisation I came to recently and do believe in wholeheartedly. Social media is one of those things that’s situated perfectly in a grey area because depending on how you use it, it can be a great or terrible thing.

Regardless of how you choose to store your memories, they are an important part of human life. They remind us of who we were and where we’re going as well as giving us that short amount of bliss when we do remember them. A lot of my memories happen to be on social media, and I’m not mad at it. To reminisce is an amazing thing so no matter how that happens, be glad it does. It’s so wild to me that I was in a place a while ago where I wasn’t proud enough to make my own little memories to be saved for years to come, yet here I am.

So last thing to leave you all with, make memories. Things you can look back at when you’re feeling down or just to generally remind you of how far you’ve come. It’s an amazing thing to be able to do and I’m working on not taking that for granted.

See ya’ll in the next one.

P.S: If any of you are headed to The Creative’s Con – I’ll see you there.

with all my love,


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