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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

May 1st 2018.

That’s the day I said “yeah, I think I want to make a blog” and a year later? I’m actually still here, typing away on my laptop for whoever sits down to read it. That’s absolutely wild to me, because I definitely didn’t think I’d still be doing this.

I get bored of things very easily and maintaining a blog seemed/definitely is very time consuming. With that in mind, I had no idea how I was going to balance writing while trying to complete this degree but somehow, It worked. We did have to make some adjustments like jumping down from a post every week to one every other week, but I’ve still been pretty consistent. That’s something I can’t say often because like I said,  I don’t commit to things well.

Another thing that’s wild to me, is the support on this little adventure of mine. I’m a big emotional babe so let’s not get too sappy right about now but I can honestly say I didn’t expect it. My friends are constantly riding for this and putting my posts up on their social media, people that I’ve never met are commenting, relating to the posts and telling me how much they love it.


That’s mad and I’m endlessly grateful to you all. This blog has truly become my safe space; a place for my mind to rest and get away from all the stress life brings. I didn’t realise how bad I needed something like that until last year and I hope to continue to keep this space around for that reason. I think it’s so important to have something you care about so deeply and put effort into learning/doing. If you take anything from this post, let that be it. If you’re a creative, know that no market is overly saturated, if you want to be a YouTuber, start a podcast or join me on this blogging ride? There’s space for everyone and let no one tell you different.

Anyway, to commemorate this special occasion, I thought we could look back at the year. I thought I’d drop some of my favourite posts that I’ve written so far for those of you who are new so that way, you don’t miss out on the journey that brought Quite Frankly to our lovely one year anniversary.

Here are my 5 favourite posts that I’ve written. Enjoy the trip down memory lane x

His & Hers ( Part 1 & 2)

This one was fun to write because it was the first time I had a guest come through to my safe space. I already highlighted the inspiration for the post  but to add to that, I loved being able to bring a conversation to the blog. There are things that I can’t bring insight to so it’s useful to bring someone on who can, which is precisely what anon did. Yes, I’m still not revealing who it is xoxo.

A Generation Obsessed with Love

Many reasons why I love this one. I think mainly because a lot of us need to be triggered sometimes and this was the post to do it. If you’re currently in the midst of making stupid decisions about a guy or girl that you know in your heart isn’t for you? I’m going to need you to read this one. If you’re worried about not being in a relationship even though all your friends are in one? This one’s for you too.

So You’re Not Your MCM’s WCW? A Survival Guide

The Valentine’s special. Another opportunity to trigger you all but also to inspire healing in a cheeky way. I was definitely throwing shade and making jokes all throughout. However, the take home message was really to get us all to stop feeling a type of way about having no Valentine’s. Your time will come.

The Art of Self-Lovin’

A personal one. I do try to avoid speaking about myself so intimately on here but there are times when I think others would really benefit from hearing they’re not alone. I remember the week that inspired this one, and many others like it in all honesty. I just wasn’t feeling myself at all and it most definitely gets like that sometimes. Take this post as a reminder that days of not feeling your best are common and you’re not alone in it.

A Letter to My Younger Self

Another personal one and actually one of my first. I got the idea while reading a post by LifeofBerns and was inspired to do the same. It was a nice trip down memory lane and the perfect time to get some feelings out. I might do one to my future self but sometimes keep your future aspirations in silence until they happen.

But there you have it, one year of this space. This is a milestone for me in so many more ways than you guys know, so thank you.

I hope I can continue to make content that I’m proud of and you all enjoy.

To bigger and better.

with all my love,


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3 Replies to “ONE YEAR”

  1. Happy One Year! So happy I discovered your blog – I think it was the travel posts that really inspired me and got me following, and I’ve enjoyed reading your posts ever since. I wish I could be as consistent so please keep it up! The Letter to my Younger Self post is so heartwarming – still giggling at the “Auntie Nserah” anecdote 🤣🤣💖✨✨

    1. Thank you so so much Rachel! I’ll try my absolute best to keep up the consistency lol. I’m glad you enjoyed the letter, that Auntie of mine really did me dirty but I’m healing. Looking forward to reading your own letter to your younger self! I truly think it’s such a therapeutic process that you’ll enjoy. Thanks again for your support sis!

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