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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been one of those people screaming up and down that Hot Girl Summer isn’t over until I say so; with a good reason of course. Summer in London is always an absolute vibe because it’s the one time of the year where everyone in London seems happy as a collective. Everyone is radiating happiness and glowing from within and seeing that happiness, even if it is short-lived, is why I am so unwilling to let the season go. I’m at my happiest during summer.

The Hot Girl’s were also scoring a lot of points this summer and stayed on top form for the season. Ladies were moving reckless and playing the game to the best of their abilities. Then, autumn hit and started to destroy all our hardwork. Our responsibilities finally caught up with us and the weather started moving mad and stayed that way. Even me that actually has lectures to catch up on, was still denying that the summer of being carefree was packing it’s bags. However, when our top players started signing new contracts for Boo’d Up Winter, I knew summer was well and truly done out here. Any last hope for my team vanished when Summer Walker decided to trigger us all last weekend, unprovoked, with her long awaited debut album “Over It”. With that, she locked the door on Hot Girl Summer and put every member in their feelings.

Summer’s message was loud and clear for the masses, but in the off chance you missed the advice she was handing out for free? I came to ensure we’re all on the same page.

Ladies, we need to do better.

A lot of us needed to hear this album. With each song, Summer spoke to each type of girl. For the girl who is still entertaining someone she’s hoping will change and act right, she gave us “Potential”. For the one who refuses to let go of someone who is clearly terrible for her, Summer gave us ” Drunk Dialling” and for the girl who can’t get a guy to see her as more than someone to just hook up with? She gave us “Fun Girl”. Quite Frankly, I’m not passing judgement because I’ve wholeheartedly been these girls (multiple times might I add) and I’m sure so many other women can relate. This is why the album’s message hit home for a lot of women, we realised these things happen to the best of us and we’re not alone.

Don’t get me wrong, London can catch these hands for this album (a discussion for another day) but Summer still managed to have us in our feelings. Something that can’t be overlooked and must be applauded. The album highlights the issues women navigating the dating world in 2019 have to handle and personally? Your good sis is tired. It’s hard in these streets and it’s so easy to think it’s only hard for you but nope. A whole lot of us are in this drought, as seen by the reception Summer got for this album.

Summer can’t get us out of this drought but she did try her best to keep us from making stupid mistakes while in it. She didn’t just put us all on blast and pack her bags to go, Summer threw us some words to live by. Through “Playing Games” and “Just Might”, we’re reminded that not only can a woman be comfortable in her sexuality without it destroying her market but also, if the one we want to act right isn’t acting right? We need to speak up.

So this post is for you, my fellow woman. That you be constantly reminded of how phenomenal you truly are and how much better you deserve. This is the first and last time an album will trigger you in such a wild way again, because from here on out? We’ll be doing better. The girls from “Fun Girl”, “Potential” and “Drunk Dialling” are done out here and the season of mistakes is wrapping up. I believe in you.

P.S: last day of summer is still very much unmatched x

with all my love,


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