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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

As I said in the last one, Quite Frankly will remain a pandemic free zone. We all deserve a break from the world so I hope this helps. However, things that arise due to the current climate I think are worth talking about. That included not messaging your ex in social isolation (see that here) and a lot of businesses & institutions failing to gauge the current mood and read the room.

Being that many gatherings, holidays and events are a no-go during this time, many have been cancelled or are on the path. With this, a lot of businesses are showing their backside and weaknesses in how they’re handling the situation. Many have decided that now is the perfect time to play with people’s money. Naturally, I won’t name any names but a certain two come to mind when I think of how they are dealing with the current situation.

In circumstances where the event can’t go on, an ideal scenario for the consumer would be the refund into our account. Stat. However, many businesses are either waiting for an absolute no from their government or a miracle. I’m still holding out for summer, I had planned everything down to the outfits so I’m most definitely praying for the best. Nevertheless, I need these businesses to read the room. Universities too but are we ready for that conversation today?

Let’s have it.

I don’t know about my fellow students but I still very much have exams. I still very much had online lectures during this period and I still absolutely have a thesis to complete. Given the circumstance, I don’t know what I expected from all these institutions but having to do exams wasn’t one of them. Going back to the whole mantra of “reading the room”, the study environment and home life has changed for so many students so how are any of us expected to carry on as if life is the same? In that same breath, are we being understanding of the current situations these businesses and institutions have found themselves in?

Nobody could have predicted this, that we know, but ultimately businesses should have fail-safes in place in the off chance the worse happens. Why is it my money everyone wants to hold hostage? Why is it now the only option you’re giving me is “transferable” when I gave pure GBP for an event on a specific day? Universities, assessing people in term 2 didn’t occur to not one of you in that boardroom? Read. The. Room.

I’ll let institutions breathe though, having to reorganise a whole year of study is a lot so I can be sympathetic. Businesses, including event organisers and airline companies though? Run me the cheque. A lot of businesses have forgotten that public perception is so important and when all of this is over, no one will forget how these companies dealt with the situation. The money for refunds should always be available, ya’ll should be insured! Well known, staple events such as Coachella and Glastonbury have closed their doors but it’s you, (insert business we all know here), that will hold the people’s money? No ma’am/sir. The economy is tight for us all. Let’s act accordingly and run the people their cheque.

Are there things you’ve paid for that companies don’t want to run that coin back for? How are all my university students doing during this time? Have you been supported appropriately?

hold them accountable & stay safe ya’ll!

with all my love,


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