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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

Happy New Year everyone! 2020, we move.

Even the way this year looks typed out is so aesthetically pleasing to me and I guess I’m excited. If you read my last post (here), you know that 2019 wasn’t anything special. I was indifferent because it had its crazy highs and really low ass lows. 2018 would still win in a fistfight.

However, I think 2019 restored my faith a little. It showed me that I don’t have to have a trash year after a really good one. That was my big thing, and I remember writing a post (linked here) about how scared I was going into 2019. I really thought it was about to whoop my ass because 2018 was undoubtedly one of the best years of my life. I’m still building on the foundations 2018 allowed me to plant; self-love, confidence and all that amazing stuff. However, 2019 gave me something too. It finally got rid of that fear I had of starting a new year and replaced it with excitement so now? I can start talking about “speaking things into existence”.

A concept. A vibe.

It’s always been said to exercise what you want in this life by affirming it. That can be out loud to friends, to social media or even just to yourself. A lot of the times the reason is somewhere between being able to hold yourself accountable, and being able to put what you want into the universe. It works for some, we see countless examples of people affirming things they want in life and then achieving it. Despite all that, I rarely put this into practice. I may tell friends but the whole proclaiming my goals on social media can miss me.

I talk about social media and its positive impact a lot. In spite of that, I try to maintain an even balance on what I do and do not share on social media; goals and achievements being one of them. Pretty ironic considering I have a blog, but I digress.

It’s not that it’s a bad thing to do, in fact, I kind of respect it. It gives you the motivation to not be in that position by the end of the year. However, the whole speaking things into existence thing can go left. In some circumstances, where you can’t achieve the goal you set out to achieve? Being held accountable for that isn’t the greatest of feelings. To make matters worse you can’t even escape it, because you spoke it into existence and everyone knows about it. They’ll ask, they’ll hold you accountable even and that will make you feel so much worse.

so where do you go from there?

Knowing that feeling is trash should be a deterrent; therefore, making you work harder, but bro? Sometimes stuff just can’t get done no matter the effort, so I propose a resolution. Not a solution, because I don’t have one, but a resolution. Speak things into existence, shout them even! Work to achieve these things as well! However, my mantra “I can’t come and kill myself” remains. Be ok with things potentially going left and not achieving what you’ve spoken into existence. Hopefully, that’s not the case but have a fail-safe plan. One where a bad outcome doesn’t shake you and speaking things into existence doesn’t break you.

with all my love,


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