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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

Now, for those of you who keep up to date with Quite Frankly, you’ll have noticed that consistency and I haven’t been the best of friends lately. I’ve fallen into this bad habit of not posting for a month and then coming back to apologise. Unintentionally, I promise but I guess the reason for all this comes down to the idea of balancing. Something I’ve really been struggling with as of late.

I’ve never been good at it to be fair. I’ll always prioritise something over the other, in this case I’ve been prioritising studying and living because those are two things that have grabbed my attention recently. I remember being in 3rd year and not leaving my room for days because I had notes to catch up on or blog posts to write. Not much has changed in that aspect, I’m still trapping myself in my house to catch up on life. I guess the only difference now is I don’t have my friend next door to drag me outside to feel the breeze. I also have more responsibilities so that can’t really fly anymoe.

I’m trying to prevent SAD (seasonal affective disorder; also known as winter depression) from kicking in this year because it really did hit me at the beginning of September. I’ve started to realise that a life of constant, dull and never-changing routine is a terrible trigger for me. It drives me crazy and makes me feel like I’m losing myself. That’s why seeing my friends on our random reunion days does me a world of good, and I don’t think they understand how much it really helps. Seeing them, catching up and just chilling is a welcome difference to my routine and I love it.

On the occasions where meeting up with my friends isn’t an option, I’m dealing with SAD by basically not being at home and welcoming distractions. Translation: I’ve been going out a lot more. October, I had The Receipts Live Podcast, 2 concerts (JP Cooper and Summer Walker) as well as a Boyz in the Hood screening. November, I headed to RollerVibe and had some friendly reunions to look forward to.

In terms of the whole balancing life thing, that one is slightly more tricky. Life is unpredictable and can’t be organised completely. Deadlines seem to hit all at once, notes have to be made and I’ll be taking breaks all in the name of “I can’t come and kill myself”. This statement still stands but sometimes pressure is what’s necessary for you to balance life accordingly. In situations where adding pressure does more harm than good, I have other techniques I use so that I’m not completely blindsided by my various commitments. Here are my top 3:

3. Use that calendar/ planner.

Everything in my life that I’ve got to do goes in my calendar. Work, lectures, meet ups with friends. The whole lot of it. I think it really helps me figure out my life and how to work around the stuff I have to do. Feeling like you’re always busy can be overwhelming so having it all mapped out, makes me feel like I’ve still got some days of freedom.

2. Make a to-do list. Check it off as you go.

I feel like having a list where I can check things off also helps me with the feeling of being overwhelmed. Ticking things off is a physical indication that I’m getting closer and closer to whatever it is I’m trying to achieve. It also tells me I’ve got less stuff to do than what I started with, which I also love. You can make lists for daily tasks or something simple like a shopping list, the principle stays the same.

  1. Know when to tap out.

Things sometimes just fall into your lap and you have no choice but to make them a priority. Balancing isn’t always possible and sometimes, something has to give. I’m learning it’s ok to do what you’ve got to do to get stuff done. If this means spending a couple of hours doing a difficult, time consuming task and then taking a long nap to recharge before the next task? You had better! Pinpoint when you need a break from trying to juggle life. Life isn’t designed to be perfectly balanced. Where’s the fun in that?

In conclusion, life is doing a lot of us at the moment and I know for me? It’s because I’m struggling to balance it all. I have some measures in place but it doesn’t change the fact that things do get overwhelming at times, and that’s ok. What matters is how we decide to deal with and process it all. I’m hoping my tips help some of you and I’m sending you all love during this season. 2020 is down the bloody line.

onwards and upwards x

with all my love,


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