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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys!

As y’all can see, something has changed around here so we should probably address the elephant in the room before we continue.

I present the new “Quite Frankly”! With a whole new layout and web address, this is definitely the rebirth of my precious project.

The moment I made this blog, I wasn’t really feeling the way it was set up. I created the old layout knowing it was temporary and when I was ready, we were upgrading the already present sauce. I wanted to love my blog layout and I definitely wanted my own domain so here we are, the beginning of August and the beginning of a new era. Shoutout to all of you that have been with me for these last couple of months and I hope y’all stick around!

That’s enough of that, let’s return to our regularly scheduled programming.

As I touched on before, we’ve entered a new month. With every month that passes, a lot of us are getting closer and closer to heading back for another year of academics.

However, I’m not mad.

This summer my motto was “living my best life” because I didn’t think I was, or had done for a long periodically time. I’m happy to say I met that goal and have been living my best life these past couple of months. University was sucking the light and joy out of me in second year and I felt like I was “losing myself” to put it lightly. There were very few things I was doing just because I wanted to do them or because they were a hobby of mine. I couldn’t even tell you what I did in my spare time other than the standard watch TV shows and movies. This whole realisation spun me and well..

I needed a damn break.

With that in mind, I did take one. The moment I got my exam timetable, I decided I was going to really enjoy my summer. I was going to utilise the next few months to invest in me and find things that make me happy. I already knew I loved travelling so I made sure I was going on a sufficient number of trips. I knew I liked sharing my views and talking absolute rubbish, so decided to create a space for me to do that. This also was a way of trapping me into committing to something, which I think I have a slight fear of.

Most important of all, I decided to find better ways of taking care of myself. I realised that whenever I feel trash, my usual mechanism is to keep to myself. I think I’ve said this before but this isn’t the best of methods. There are definitely times when being alone is the best thing for me but I do tend to recline into my shell quickly without trying other solutions first. This summer I tried to utilise my social circle and go to them first whenever I feel trashy.

This summer has helped me get closer to my idea of my best self but being your best self is different for everyone. Your best self may be stopping a bad habit for a long period of time or getting rid of a toxic person. Regardless of what your best self is, I hope you’re all aiming to become that.

For me, my best self was when I was exploring a new country, allowing myself to become emotionally vulnerable and of course, staying committed to something. I’m proud to say I hit those marks this year and it’s not over yet.

Don’t get me wrong though, finding yourself is a continuous journey and I’m not here to say I’ve reached my final destination. I just came here to say that I’m on the road, driving happily and I’m in no hurry. I know I’m on the right track and have a hell of a lot of time so I’m good.

Now for the whole point of this post. To some of you finding yourself may not be important to you, which is fine. However, for those of you who are realising you don’t know who you are fully? Invest time in trying to find that person. Knowing who you are, your likes and dislikes is so important for your future. Without the knowledge, how do you know who you need to be/want to be? How do you identify your purpose?

Take some time to figure out all of that and I think life will be a whole lot happier, and easier.

Good luck.

with all my love,


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