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Lifestyle / Sunday, June 28th, 2020

Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

Things are changing. We’ve done the home workouts, tried to do our hair & nails, and we’ve found ways to become more self sufficient. Now, it’s looking like the streets are calling us back. “Moves” have been put in motion to start assimilating the general public back into the real world. My question is, are any of us 100% prepared for that?

I know I’ve been one of the loudest voices on this whole “free us” and “this is upsetting me and my homegirls” movement but truth be told, I’ve acclimatised to the current situation. I’ve become accustomed to my new normal of staying under my weighted blanket and watching the days merge into one. It sounds mad unhealthy but it’s truly become my “new normal” . While trying to complete this thesis, I’ve been back on my tv show grind. I’ve been binge watching Criminal Minds and starting new shows to entertain myself. When all hope was lost, my favourite tv show (Insecure fans, where you at?) entered back into my life to give me the dose of drama necessary.

My point is, the outside world? I don’t know her. I don’t even know how that works anymore. Things won’t be in the same state I left them in, and my daily trivial thought is that I’m already exhausted with the new changes. I took the days of walking into a store and buying whatever in 10 minutes for granted. Now, the 10 minutes is just queuing time.

Lord, be an anchor.

Our current situation did in fact throw some discussions out. It made a lot of people look within themselves & their friendship groups and analyse accordingly. Do you feel entitled to people’s mind, body and time? Do you perpetuate a problematic system or stereotype? Are you doing enough to better yourself? Let’s unpack.

Lockdown made for some uncomfortable conversations necessary to finally be had. It made for communities to address some of the things we don’t speak on enough despite their growing prevalence. It was forceful but needed so with that being said, are we all coming out of lockdown better people? Has anything really changed? Uncomfortable conversations are a start, they allow us to acknowledge our wrongdoings and then move forward. That’s the one thing I’ll give this train wreck known as 2020. She said I’m breaking down all the societal foundations and we’re doing this humanity thing all over again. Wheel it back.

However, even with these opportunities to change and cleanse the things we’re exposed to, I’m not sure we’ve done enough to be completely different upon rejoining society. So we go back to square one; being the same person we were before lockdown. We had 3/4 months to really get our chakras together, and you’re telling me we’re just going back to the usual?

Keep me inside.

On an innermost personal level? I know I’m not the same person I was at that start of all this. Whether it was all that time alone that allowed me to nitpick and figure out what it is I can and cannot tolerate, or just the awareness of the current situation, I don’t feel the same as I did some months ago. That might also be why I’m not ready for the outside world, what if it unravels all of my personal development over the last few months?

How many opportunities will we have for the world to stop and actually rest? Life is constantly moving, rarely with the opportunity to breathe. With that in mind, we don’t always have the time or the energy if we’re keeping it a buck, to devote so much attention to ourselves. Whether it be in education, lifestyle, both physical and mental health; it’s not often we can cultivate these areas of our life. So, I’m hoping that our release doesn’t change any of the positive changes I’ve made and you’ve made in your life.

Ensure that you maintain them.

I’m hoping the second half of 2020 is salvageable at this point, maybe hot girl summer is a go? Sending my hot girls and city boys much needed energy.

See y’all in the next one

with all my love,


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