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Lifestyle / Sunday, June 5th, 2022

Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

As per usual, its been a very long time but I’ve come back with an explanation of sorts.

We should all sit down for this one – being dramatic is very much on brand for me.

I’ve been in my self reflective bag a lot this year and so I’ve been thinking about my likes, dislikes and how I’d like to express my creativity going forward. That being said I told myself that if by the time I turned 24 (happy birthday me) I still hadn’t found the spirit to write? I’d cut the cord. That being said – Quite Frankly (the blog) is saying goodbye to you all.

I’ve played around a lot with the idea of letting this little space of mine on the internet go – I told friends, I journaled, I typed up and deleted this post but I also knew I was simply delaying the inevitable. I was inconsistent (which was painful being that I’m truly Type A to my core) and writing on demand was becoming chore like. Eventually, I sat down and said “who is actually dragging me by my ankles to write?

I started Quite Frankly at 19. Putting in to perspective that I’m a fresh 24 now – that’s a while. I was in my second year of university and posting weekly about things I was experiencing for the first time or things that just came to mind. I also had all these plans to make the world my own – Boy Meets World type vibes if you will. I took Quite Frankly with me on my big life changes – my first solo trip, graduation, a whole pandemic and life post education. Now, my next big life chapter is adulting and navigating that. I’ve found that while doing so, I don’t have the strength or even the words to write anything here anymore. I need to figure out what that means for me.

I’ve become committed to making memories in this new chapter but within different means. During the last year, I started exploring other creative mediums and currently, I’m loving it. I love taking pictures on film, creating mini vlogs of times that I can look back on (shoutout TikTok) and scrapbooking. This brings me to the Noelle Project – something I started last year. In 2021, I really honed in on my tribe and wanted to document a whole bunch of memories with these people in my life. That was usually in the form of short videos and pictures on film that I can keep for years – it’s something I’ve stuck with and probably where most of my creative energy has gone.

I’m not a babe that does things half hearted and this is one area of my life I’ve become complacent in. It took me a while to come to terms with the fact that it was ok to stop doing something I no longer enjoyed but I needed to wrap it up neatly. I had planned to just keep this going but then it would be how it is now – inconsistent and not enjoyable for you or for me. So, I’m letting her go.

I won’t just disappear – I’ll still be around writing wise over at Finley Michael’s blog where we’ll be doing monthly music roundups for the year. Writing about my personal faves to share with you all will never feel like a chore. However, I think I may have lost my spark for my little space on the internet so I guess that’s it – the end of an era. Effective end of June, I’ll be letting my space go.

Thank you all for riding with me for the last couple of years. You’ve all read in my own words my experiences into adulthood and read through my growth. I’m so grateful for all of you who read along, would nudge me for posts when it had been too long and for sharing the ones that meant something to you. I appreciate it all so much and I’m thankful I made this little space of mine.

Until you see me in another form – this is it. Not goodbye by any means but just a slightly longer “until next time” .

I’m never too far away and can always be found on TikTok (no, I honestly love it there) and at @thenoelleproject on Instagram.

with all my love always,


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