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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

So travelling.

Travelling this year was and still is a strong no for a lot of us. Whether it be because we don’t feel ready yet or because we have nowhere we desperately want to get to this year? The vibes are screaming staycation and checking out more of our hometown all 2020. However, staying in this UK has helped me notice a couple of things. Specifically, why this whole “no travelling” restriction has been killing me slowly.

I’m here to let you know that a lot of us are indulging in “travel therapy”.

travel therapy (noun):

to utilise the act of flying out as an unhealthy mechanism to deal with homegrown personal conflict.

As I keep saying, lockdown allowed me to reflect on aspects of my life and think about why I engage in certain behaviours. Why I’m a slight shopaholic especially when I’m stressed, and why my go to coping mechanism is avoidance. I am aware that one coping mechanism of mine is to book a flight, pack a bag and explore a new city. Not only is it a great experience, but also time away gives me the opportunity to forget about what I’ve got dealing with at home. Anyone relate?

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Now of course, not all trips can be classed as travel therapy. Sometimes it’s just the need for a change in scenery. However, I’m talking about the solo trips, the spontaneous trips you hadn’t planned a week ago but are suddenly preparing for, the outings you went on even though you knew you had a deadline. I think it’s important to identify why we just randomly decide to fly out, and if there may be something we’re running from. For me, there’s always a pattern. I take a solo trip around my birthday probably to ignore the fact that I’m getting older and still figuring out life. I take a trip when the hustle and bustle of London is driving me mad, or I’ll take a trip when I’ve made a big change in my life (often not the good kind).

Travel is the perfect treatment for when you’re down, but as a friend mentioned? It’s a temporary high. You’ll come right back to the problems you left and now your £500+ out of pocket with some conflict you need to resolve.

With this in mind, the “catch flights, not feelings” gang really struggled this year. No flights in the air so what else could we, the people, do? We were forced to look inwards and tackle our problems head on, with no escape. Now, I can’t tell you that I loved every moment of that but it did give me the opportunity to really feel emotions. I felt every situation I was in the last couple of months. I really and truly experienced the lows and whether that has made me a better person for it? Still very much to be decided. I know now that I am capable of handling problems without running. Somebody scream “growth”.

However, please don’t misunderstand. The moment it’s safe to take flights again, I absolutely will be on one. For the right reasons of course, this post still stands. Nevertheless, I’m still very much working on not falling into a rut when I’ve gone long periods without travelling. We need a small fix here and there; growth is a marathon, not a sprint.

Anyway, I do hope this post helps some of you evaluate your unhealthy coping mechanisms and work towards unlearning them.

It’s ok, I see you and we’ll get through it.

with all my love,


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2 Replies to “TRAVEL THERAPY”

  1. Girlll, I’m so guilty of using travel as a form of escapism, it’s not even funny. It being a “temporary high” leaves me in a constantly fluctuating mental state, which isn’t ideal. I’ve associated being outside of my home country with happiness and being back with “manageability”… at least until the next flight. I think that’s why the post-holiday blues hit me so hard.

    With all my cancelled 2020 trips, not being able to travel this year ROCKED me to my core, but whilst in quarantine, I realised that absolutely nothing should have that much power over me. Not even my passion for travelling.

    Brilliant post sis 💕

    1. I couldn’t agree more! This year really made me re-evaluate the things I allow to have power over me and travelling is definitely top on the list. Thank you so much sis, I’m glad you liked it 💕

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