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I don’t know how I decided this was the topic for this week, but I came across a couple of throwbacks of me in secondary school. I would have been about 12/13, and I wasn’t wearing my prescription glasses. We were in that time where glasses weren’t seen as attractive (are we still there? I stopped caring so I’m not too sure). For little pre-teen me, glasses were another thing working against me.

So, I stopped.

Whenever it was an event that required me to dress up and I needed to look cute, the glasses would stay at home. Whether it was society telling me glasses were not a look, or whether it was my own insecurities is still undecided. Nevertheless, I did that for a really long time. I have endless pictures without my glasses and I’m still trying to figure out why I felt the need to sacrifice vision. What was I doing it for? Luckily, I can still see fairly well without them but the point still remains. I needed them and felt something was more important than that. Why couldn’t I associate dressing up with my glasses? Why did me putting them on make me think anything less of myself?

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In your typical romantic comedy, the main character sheds her glasses and takes off her hair band so her love interest sees her as beautiful. So the love interest sees the real her. In that “don’t judge” challenge that was circling the internet a while back, the person would wear glasses only to then take them off and suddenly be seen as attractive. Glasses have always been associated with unattractiveness; the streets haven’t forgotten the “four-eyed” comments.

I definitely had phases of switching back and forth. During primary school, you couldn’t pay me to wear those lenses. It wasn’t happening in this life or the next. In early secondary school, I got back into wearing them. Unfortunately, peak teenage years arrived and I was back to losing them because it had been so long since I used them. I tried contact lenses for some time, but my gosh they’re uncomfortable. Even after all that, I still couldn’t place why I hated my glasses so much. Then I realised, I had been brainwashed to feel unpretty with them.

I don’t know at what point I started wearing them again, or when I started to feel attractive with them on but I’m grateful. I am now that babe that wears glasses to the function, and feels no type of way. Younger me would be confused, flabbergasted yet amazed at the fact that I wear glasses on nights out. I figured out a way to make glasses my accessory, and have different frames for different vibes. I learned how to work with my glasses to feel pretty, rather than against them.

I have more pictures with glasses than without and I love it. It shows me that I’m experiencing the best sides of ageing, the growth that comes with it. The ability to look back on your younger you, and be amazed at the things you used to worry about.

It feels good.

see y’all in the next one.

with all my love,


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  1. I love this! I really do relate, if anyone saw my Instagram and didn’t know me they’d never know that I wear glasses. I inherently just don’t feel pretty in them and it’s something I never really pondered upon until I saw this. Big love to glasses wearing gals ❤️

    1. I really do hear you, it’s definitely something I had to do some soul searching with! The world really shapes our view but glasses aren’t something that negates beauty at all. Thank you so much for reading 🤎✨

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