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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

Style is important and for a lot of us, it takes some time to figure out what kind of items flatter us best. Our body shapes are unique and figuring out what works best on us is a process. I’m still figuring it out, but I feel like I’ve gotten closer to identifying my aesthetic.

aesthetic (adjective): concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.

Aesthetic is a word I use a lot, probably in the wrong context but I use it regardless. To me it means a look, a vibe if you will, that you portray to the outside world. Growing up, my aesthetic was absolutely bad vibes. We still don’t know if it was the insecurities, the lack of knowledge or the low bank balance but I just wasn’t dressing well if we’re keeping it a buck. Transparency at its highest, but we have no photographic proof so I don’t mind. Take my word for it though, I wasn’t doing a good job.

You know when you randomly remember something from your childhood or you see a picture of yourself and just think “who dressed me bro?”, but the unfortunate truth was that it was you. You did this to yourself, and thought you were showing the people a look. I’m glad I can look back now and laugh instead of cringe because where’s the fun in that?

Jumpers were my go to no matter the weather. I found them quick, easy, and they also hid my body from the world which was a big thing for me. Anything form fitting was a big no, I felt exposed and vulnerable so would stick with what I knew. This is the part where you have to be thankful for growth because considering the fact I love fitted tee’s and dresses now is something my younger self wouldn’t believe.

Anyway, as I’ve gotten older I’ve started to gravitate towards specific items more or less. Funnily enough, I think I still have my inner Tumblr babe in me but I’m at a point where I feel my style finally represents my personality. I’d love to share that with you guys so here are some of my go to items. Clothing pieces that I have in many different variations because they just make up my aesthetic. Let’s get it.

a longline jacket

Longline jackets are unmatched. Unparalled, and I’m always screaming that everyone needs at least one. It can take an outfit you put no effort into and suddenly make it high fashion. We love a cheat code.

graphic tees

The constant that you’ll notice is that I’m lazy. Graphic tees are versatile; you can throw them on with joggers, mom jeans even some cycling shorts in the summer and there you have it. A basic, yet cute serve. Honestly, love to see it.

co-ords & jumpsuits

Another lazy one. Co-ords and jumpsuits are top 2 and most defnitely not 2. They are the epitome of my aesthetic and my primary go to when I want to serve but don’t have the time to look for a whole outfit. Whoever thought to sell a whole outfit as one? You’re a superstar, for the people and most definitely deserve your accolades.

Of course, an aesthetic is so much more than just clothes. I feel like you coordinate everything about yourself to match your aesthetic, subconsciously. That’s everything from my glasses, the music I listen to, down to my tattoos. They all match who I am and the vibe I want to give off. Ultimately, that shows itself in my clothing style; the most blatant form of expression.

So cheers to your aesthetic, for being the most obvious representation of you. Something you can constantly change and adjust as you learn more about yourself. Something you can look back on and be grateful that you’ve changed. Dedicate some time to finding out your aesthetic.

What vibe do you give off to the world? What vibe do you want to?

with all my love,


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