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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys, it’s been a while.

It really has been hasn’t it.

It had even gotten to a point where I had become comfortable in my absence, that’s when I realised I had to get my act together. 2020 has really warped my sense of time but regardless, I still haven’t been following my regularly scheduled programming.

Apologies ya’ll, I tapped out.

I remember speaking to my friend about how I felt so burnt out creatively and had nothing to say. She said that in itself was something to say, so here I am. Your girl had nothing to say.

The world seems to constantly be in flames, so to find something and write like everything is normal amidst it all became harder and harder. I had lost words and I had lost inspiration. This year continues to shake the chakras and if I’m honest, I was and still kind of am at a point of just trying to stay afloat. I had finished my Masters and your good sis was burnt the hell out. Even still, I’m adjusting to life post education, and definitely didn’t give myself enough of a break before jumping into the working world (a post for another day). That being said, I felt a small spark and decided to run with it.

I’ve done quite a bit in this “break” of mine, I put that in quotations because the way this year is set up? I might tap out in the same way Boris is announcing lockdown after lockdown. Please bare with me, it’s a panoramic. I do love writing though and when I have something to say, it can be fairly therapeutic to get some words out – anyway, I digress. Recently, I’ve been heavily indulging in media; whether it be books, movies and tv shows. They’ve presented a great distraction these last couple of weeks and I thought I could share what I’ve been doing. I hope you find something new to try out.


knife edge – malorie blackman (book 3 of noughts and crosses series)

Noughts & Crosses is the teen fiction trend I missed out on, and I wish I hadn’t. I got the series as a gift to indulge my inner child and have been trying to finish the series throughout the year. The storyline is different and definitely something my younger self would have ate up. At my current age, the main babe, Sephy grinds my gears but I’m invested in her story and feel reading the series is a rite of passage.

purple hibiscus – chimamanda ngozi adichie 

I had been wanting to read one of Chimamanda’s books for a while now, having been told she’s an amazing writer. My mates gifted me “Purple Hibiscus” as a grad gift and I fell in love. I love stories written by black authors, with black families – not only does it make the book itself relatable but also that more real to me. I truly loved this one and will have to read more of her books.

one of us is lying – karen m. mcmanus

I’m a mystery, thriller babe through and through. I love books that are centred around this idea of “whodunnit”- truly my favourite pastime. The twist in this book was top two, and I didn’t see it coming. The perfect blend of mystery & young adult fiction.


the holiday calendar

I’m a creature of habit and tend to rewatch movies that put me in a good mood over and over again. Christmas is still a while away but I’ve already jumped down the Christmas movie rabbit hole, willingly might I add. “The Holiday Calendar” is one of my favourite Christmas movies and it never fails to make me smile. It’s modern enough to keep my attention but has a dash of magic that is always so ridiculous. Perfect for putting me in a good mood. Inject.

sister, sister

We, the people, had been begging UK Netflix to up their viva. Up their game. Up the vibes. Our mates across the pond live their best life with the nostalgic black tv shows we all grew up on; One on One, The Parkers, Moesha. Finally, they heard us and Sister, Sister is one of a couple of new black shows coming to Netflix this month. I have already started to binge watch and re-live my childhood through these episodes.


Guys? You should already know I’ve very much been in my Korean tv show bag recently, courtesy of the last post. These shows really carried me through this year because the dramatic content is everything for me. Naturally, I have my personal favourites but in general? These shows do not and have not missed. They’re usually only one season with 16 episodes and that’s it – the story is complete. Albeit, episodes are about the length of a movie but I love that I can be done with a show, have a great conclusion and then move on to the next all in a couple of days. “Crash Landing On You” was the beginning for me and I think it’s the perfect intro into kdramas. You truly, will not be disappointed.


If it’s one thing I haven’t been slacking on, it’s my monthly playlists. Those were still being made and went up on the playlist tab – I’ve always got ya’ll when it comes to sharing music. The ones I’ve shared below are a couple of my current favourites but a large chunk of the music I’ve been heavily listening to is in this month’s playlist. Carrying on xo

samoht – clear (EP)

Samoht and I have a difficult relationship. There are times, for example his 2018 EP “Omen”, where he does not miss. Then, there are also times when I’m shocked at the content. This is true of many artists nowadays, and I struggle to hold them to a standard. However, this current EP “Clear” which is actually a lead up to a recent album release I am yet to listen to, is phenomenal scenes. The closing track “Be OK” is a personal fave for me and of course, has been on repeat.

sam smith – love goes (album)

Sam Smith is an artist that I listened to often during his “in the lonely hour” phase. That album is also still on my list of favourite albums, and his debut was one that I lived for. The current album reminds me of debut Sam and I love it. My favourite track would have to be “love goes” featuring Labrinth – that one right there, a work of art.

leslie odom jr – wait for it (Hamilton soundtrack)

I watched Hamilton recently (I’ll keep my opinion to myself) and this song really was a standout for me. I’ve been replaying it since watching the musical and honestly can’t get enough. Mr Odom did that and I just wanted to share. It’s truly the vocal range for me.

In conclusion, I’ve done a lot. These things have done well in keeping me sane during the last couple of weeks. That in combination with chats with my friends has done wonders for my sanity, and I can’t encourage it enough (again, a post for another time). Thank you for leaving me to my own devices, I appreciate the patience and hope you’re all taking some time out. We actually deserve. That being said, I’m easing myself back into Quite Frankly. Writing brings me joy so I’d like to keep with it; that being said, see y’all in the next one.

with all my love,


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