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Hello, hi. Welcome back.

Let me set the scene for you all. Your friends are dragging you out to this motive that you already know in your heart you don’t want to go to. Nevertheless, you beat your face and go with your girls. Upon arrival, you’ve been attacked with the smell of weed, you’ve been groped a minimum of 5 times and your shoes are destroyed.

This my friends, is why Frances hates clubbing.

I’ve always been that person that gets asked to go out and I won’t even pretend like I’m considering it. We’ve reached a stage where the friends that really know me laugh whenever someone asks me to go out.

I was never going and this individual is wasting their hard earned energy asking. The answer to their question will majority of the time be a hard no. A no said with my chest.

However, there are the unfortunate times when I can’t actually escape the motive whether it be because it’s a friends birthday or just a girls night out. There are also the occasions I just feel like getting dressed up for the culture (that decision is quickly regretted lol).

Point is, somehow someway, I do end up in the club pretending to enjoy.

That’s another reason why I don’t go; I hate it and know I’m gonna kill everyone’s vibe. Therefore, let me stay at home and be at peace but anyway, back to the point.

I promise you everytime I go clubbing, I’m reminded why I don’t like going in the first place. First question, I don’t even know why I’m asking but I have to know.

Why is there no such thing as personal space in a club?

I know, I know. It’s a crowded space, but I know that this brother doesn’t have to touch up my waist to get to the bathroom on the opposite side of the room. Too many of you use the excuse of a crowded club to invade a girl’s personal bubble and think we don’t notice.

Ya’ll ain’t slick.

Second question. Bashment has come on and I’m not even bending over backwards. Somehow though, the intro of the song was an invitation for someone to grab my waist. Why?

Third question following on from this. Why are you offended when I say “I’m good luv, enjoy xx”

Are we catching the underlying theme of why clubbing is just long here?

While we’re here, let’s dash in a little comment about you alcoholics. Some of you cannot handle your alcohol and I’m here to tell you.

With this knowledge, there are two things you should be doing. Either you slow down, know your limits and have the minimum couple of shots or you don’t drink at all. However, this is never the case and you all want to live your best life (which I respect).

However, my good sis.

When the alcohol is making you slyly mad it cannot be me or near me, you throw up on.

I actually can’t accept that.

It’s always so weird as well because the ones who are the wildest alcoholics are always somehow by themselves. Where are your friends please?

I couldn’t even imagine leaving my drunk friend to fend for themselves. If I don’t want the mother role I just won’t go out with that friend but if I’m already out with them, they’re my responsibility but that’s a post for another day.

In conclusion, I don’t mind going out (that much) but asking me to go clubbing is wild and I’m judging you silently for not knowing how much I dislike it. That isn’t to say clubbing is bad or anything but it’s just not my thing.

I’ve tried to enjoy and I just can’t.

Shoutout to you guys who can.

with all my love,


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