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Hello, hi. Welcome back

So this was the weekend of Wireless Festival in Finsbury Park, London. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a festival/concert so your girl was excited.

I had tickets for both Friday & Sunday and I was ready to go forth and enjoy. J.Cole was headlining on the Friday so as expected my friend and I risked our lives to get to the front. I don’t have any regrets there but we were definitely pushed…several times. However, this is to be expected at such as big festival so how could I really get that mad?

frankly tip no.1: Positive vibes only! Festivals are filled with drunk, high and just wild people doing the most. There will be hella moshpits (stay far away from those) and there will be people dashing water all over the crowd. Run with it and enjoy your day!

frankly tip no.2: WAIST BAGS. Pickpockets love a good crowd so having a small bag that is always in your line of vision is a great thing to have. I got mine from Bershka for about £15.

J.Cole is definitely up there with some of my favourite artists so I was perfectly ok with risking my life lol. He played a whole lot of his old stuff (we thank the sweet Lord) as well as some new stuff so of course his whole set was vibes.

The only thing that broke me was that Wretch 32 and J.Cole were performing at the same time but different stages. Unfortunately, I had to make a choice but don’t worry Wretch baby, I’ll see you live one day x

Of course, those who bought Friday tickets didn’t only have J.Cole to look forward to. We were blessed with vibes from PartyNextDoor, Big Sean and Post Malone to name a few.

I mean I’m not really a big Post Malone fan but he was in between PND and J.Cole’s set so I was going nowhere.

frankly tip no.3 : You snooze, you lose boo. If you leave the space you’ve got for yourself in front of a stage, don’t leave expecting to return to that same space. It’s gone with the wind love so work out a game plan. If you’re waiting to see your favourite artists, take your toilet and snack breaks before heading to that stage.

I also missed Bas and Goldlink’s set guys! That was some true heartbreak right there y’all but again, I’ll see them live one day x.

frankly tip no.4 : Be prepared to make sacrifices. I don’t know why I’m making this sound so traumatic but you are gonna end up in situations where you have to choose which artist you want to see more. A lot of the artists I wanted to see meant I wouldn’t be front row for J.Cole and yeah, I wasn’t prepared to lose that.

Day 2 of Wireless for me was Sunday, I needed that rest on Saturday and most definitely didn’t move that whole day. Sunday came and I was ready to do it all over again.

Sunday was definitely much more of a calm vibe for my friends and I. There were no artists performing that we felt we had to break our backs to get to the front for (little did we know lol) so we did up relaxation. This meant heading over to the cocktail bar and just vibing to the different DJs playing their sets.

The heat in London on that day was despicable though; Wireless truly collected coins from me because I bought several bottles of water. I also really wanted to try some of their snack stands but I only had my card. I was crying about those churros I missed out on for a good while.

frankly tip no.5 : BRING CASH. The funny thing is I did take out money before hand but when that ran out, I was back to square one. Bring enough cash for the day because many places don’t take card AND festival cash machines usually want to charge you to take out your own coins. That’s an L you want to avoid babe.

Anyway, for those of you who didn’t really follow Wireless updates that much just know Wireless woke up and said DJ Khaled wasn’t headlining for Sunday anymore. We were all stressed and broken but God had it all sorted for us. We were in for a beautiful shock.

We heard small rumours of Drake rolling through and they turned out to be correct. Champagne Papi was a VIBE and I thoroughly enjoyed friends.

I most definitely lived my best life screaming KIKI, DO YOU LOVE ME. My life was endangered small small but it’s all part of the experience (see tip no. 1)

The way Drake was announced sent the whole festival into a damn mosh pit but here I am, typing to you in full health. I’m alive to let y’all know his set was lit.

In conclusion, Wireless? You did well. Unfortunately you won’t be seeing me for a while because this weekend was slightly messy but I still applaud you. For those of you heading to any festivals in the upcoming months, enjoy yourselves! I hope you take some of these tips on board and have a great time!

with all my love,


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