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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

Let’s talk music.

New Music Friday’s are the highlight of my week, they have and probably always will be. Spotify (who need to run me my cheque for all the publicity I give them) make checking for new music as they’re released so easy. That, in combination with me being a crazy music fan, makes it safe to say I’m usually up to date on new album releases. I thought I should put my due diligence to good use, and share some singles and albums that might have got lost in translation during lockdown. This one is for my music lovers.

I’m sure we’ve all already heard DVSN’s new project as well as PARTYNEXTDOOR. Speaking of which, we should probably have a quick conversation about that. Some artists wait a very long time to release their next album, forgetting that the expectation for it to be something amazing increases with time. For example, Rihanna. My good sis can never release a new album now, she has to keep up the allure and mystique for life because if it doesn’t slap like ANTI? People are going to be mad.

Real mad.

I’m digressing but do we put way too much pressure on artists to release projects? Do we ignore the effort it takes to actually make one? Something to think about.

Anyway, there are a whole bunch of song’s I’ve been loving during this period. Some of which are amazing bodies of work that have flown under the radar given the circumstances. These projects are amazing pieces and I’m just not hearing enough on them, so the plan today is to do a quick run through of the ones I think you all need to know about.

Let’s go.

CHIKA – Industry Games

I came across CHIKA when she went viral on the timeline for a freestyle she did over J.Cole’s “1985” (here). CHIKA’s vibe has been unique from the very start and something I think a lot of people would be into if they come across her. “Industry Games” is CHIKA’s first EP, released on March 13th, and it embodies that exact same vibe people discovered her with. If the circumstances were different she would be touring and performing these songs live, so definitely wheel these tracks back and show her some love. My personal fave is “On My Way”, which has scammed its way into my April and May monthly playlist.

Kiana Ledé – KIKI


Ya’ll have been sleeping on my good sis Miss Ledé for too long but no more. “KIKI”, released April 3rd, is also Miss Ledé’s first studio album which she would have been touring with this year. Kiana has been in the game for so long, from uploading covers on YouTube to releasing singles on Spotify. This album, and I can’t stress this enough, is phenomenal. The overall theme of dealing with all things love and heartbreak hits differently and is an absolute must for the people that love to blast some music when they’re going through it.

JoJo – Good To Know

Jojo’s had a rough time over the last few years but seeing her do amazing for herself now warms my heart. I had absoluetly bought tickets for her concert in September, so the heartbreak right now? Unmatched & unparalleled. “Good to Know”, released May 1st, gives us soulful R&B JoJo. Not only is this her first album since leaving her previous record label and starting her own (in collaboration with Warner Records), but it also marks the beginning of a new era for our good sis. I really missed JoJo and this album reminded me just how talented she is. It only just came out, but I’m going to need ya’ll to remember that JoJo walked so that a lot of your faves could run.

Frank Ocean – Side A

These are only 2 singles but I’m surprised they didn’t get much love. I heard no buzz around the drop and only really noticed when looking at my “release radar” (another reason why Spotify will stay the baddest in the game). “Side A (acoustic)”, released April 3rd, is the acoustic companion for songs “Cayendo” and “Dear April” both of which were originally remixes. Frank has a reputation of dropping hits and going on hiatus, so this was a pleasant surprise. Slow vibes Frank Ocean is my favourite Frank Ocean so if you missed that one, check it out.

Lockdown has highlighted the role of musicians and artists in keeping us sane and peaceful. With that in mind, I hope you find some songs that you’re into, discover someone you wouldn’t have found otherwise, and find the song that keeps you positive. For a music lover, I don’t think I talk about music enough on here so we’ll try and change that. Until then, you can find all my playlists I make monthly in the playlist tab (here).

Stay safe ya’ll and stay your ass at home. This is upsetting me and my homegirls yet, I’m still at home. You can do it too.

with all my love,


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