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Hello, hi. Welcome back.

Raise your hand if an opportunity has come at you but because you’ve psyched yourself out so much, you don’t go for it.

It’s ok, it’s ok. I do it too.

This brings me into today’s topic of blocking our blessings because truly, that’s what we’re doing. Blocking our God-given blessings.

I can’t speak for everyone and can really only speak for myself, but I know the main reason why I seem to block my blessings is all down to fear. One of my biggest fears is failure and so to combat this, I do try to limit the number of situations I put myself in that can lead to failure.

This is a flawed view though because preventing myself from these situations stills learning, growth and my overall potential. Failure is a part of life that unfortunately we need to deal with but it can be helpful.

We can learn from it.

However, we usually don’t and this leads to us blocking our blessings. One such example where a lot of us block our blessings? Relationships.

Yep, let’s talk relationships guys.

Again, raise your hand if you’re/were anti relationship.

It’s ok, it’s ok. I was/still kinda am.

Now, I’m gonna put my degree to some use and assume that the reason a lot of us are is because of “fear”. Fear of being hurt, fear of wasting time (definitely one of mine) and an overall fear of not knowing how this new venture will go.

I know I’m afraid but this is making me block my damn blessings, same with you all. I keep screaming it but let’s go again; 2018 is all about GROWTH so we’re no longer dashing out this excuse of fear.

Past relationships shouldn’t define your future ones and they also shouldn’t be a permanent reason for having trust issues or not giving 100% in a relationship.

Another common reason people block their blessings is due to comfort. I know I love security and hate putting myself out in situations that jeopardise that, but again, this isn’t beneficial. I can’t even imagine how many jobs and placements I didn’t apply to with this mentality of “I’ve got this so don’t really need that”.

That’s toxic and you won’t really get far with that one. Push yourself, you cannot come and kill yourself but putting in effort to succeed beyond your current state is energy well spent.

Applying this logic of getting out of your comfort zone and fighting fear works in all areas of life. Work, school, whatever.

We are no longer staying comfortable and letting fear determine how we act in any area of the future.

We have blessings to collect xoxo

with all my love,


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