Music is my peace and I listen to a whole bunch of different artists. Being that there are always new songs being released and the music I want to listen to often changes, I make a new playlist every month.

Quite Frankly is all about sharing what I have with you guys so, if you’re on the lookout for new music or just want to hear what kind of stuff I listen to?I got you. Click the links below and catch a vibe.


June 2018 Playlist                                                                          June 2019 Playlist
                                                                                                  Summer Vibes Playlist
July 2018 Playlist                                                                             July 2019 Playlist
August 2018 Playlist                                                                  August 2019 Playlist
September 2018 Playlist                                                    September 2019 Playlist
October 2018 Playlist                                                              October 2019 Playlist
November 2018 Playlist                                                     November 2019 Playlist
December 2018 Playlist                                                      December 2019 Playlist