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Where She Goes / Monday, May 28th, 2018
Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.Continuing on from yesterday’s post, I bring you my little adventure in Verona.
Getting to Verona wasn’t as complicated as I feared it could be. In fact, I navigated around the city pretty good considering. There was one little hiccup that could have been very wild, but I avoided it and I’m good.
I caught the train from Venezia St. Lucia which also has a little Sephora that I most definitely ventured into. When I eventually got to Verona, I bought a day bus ticket for €4 (this definitely worked out cheaper than buying a whole bunch of one way tickets) and headed to my first stop. Juliet’s House, otherwise known as Giulietta’s House.Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe in any of the folklore surrounding it such as it being where Juliet really declared her love for Romeo. However, your girl is a hopeless romantic and had to see the letters to Juliet, the padlocks and of course write her own letter to Juliet.

Other than the hustle and bustle of tourists, the place itself is beautiful. I read a couple of letters on the wall (because how could I not) and it’s so wild how it really includes all aspects of love. The crushes, the honeymoon phase and the heartbreak. I read one where this woman had lost the spark with her husband and didn’t know whether or not she should leave.

Sis, I hope you left.

After exploring some more areas around Juliet’s home and getting bamboozled into getting something from the gift shop (I swear I have a spending problem), off I was again. Juliet’s house is pretty close to the market place where you can get way cheaper souvenirs, that’s a heads up by the way. I really didn’t know and spent €4 for a magnet as opposed to getting one for €2 in the market.

We live and learn.

Another thing to note, I think Verona is best experienced without a plan. I honestly walked aimlessly for a couple of hours just taking in everything, and saw such lovely places. I even found a store called “The Merchant of Venice” that I found so cute. However, walking aimlessly does put you at risk of getting lost.

I used google maps to prevent this though and it didn’t let me down. Shoutout Google for this whole trip actually, it would have been so much harder to navigate around Italy without it. You man are waves x


Back to my aimless walking.

I did find that a lot of stores had weird opening times though. A lot of them would open at 10am and close at 12 but then reopen at 3pm if that makes sense? I’m gonna assume for breaks but that is something to be mindful of when picking a time to shop in Verona. It did break my spirit a little because I spotted a Brandy Melville (some cute American store) and would have loved to go inside. Next time though, because I will be back.

I wasn’t gonna let that stop me and decided to catch a bus to the Adigeo Mall (see how the day bus pass comes in handy!). When I got there, we all know I went a bit spend crazy and left with an eye mask, highlight and a jumpsuit. To be very fair though, I’m pretty proud that I only bought those 3 things. It could have been much worse.

After shopping, it was back to Venice. I took the same route back (so train) and tried to be smart by getting an earlier train. Yeah that didn’t work out, turns out the earlier trains are the ones that get back later so if I had stuck with my original train, I would have been good.

Note to self, don’t try to be smart, the universe is smarter.

I ended up back in Venice at around 8 where the sun was still happily shining. I was tempted to visit Sephora again but I excercised self control.

So that was my Verona trip! Verona is much more modernised than Venice which I loved. It was nice seeing both sides of the coin, the older areas as well as the newer modern areas all in one place. Again, I’ll most definitely be back.

Catch you guys in the next one as per usual, where I take a visit to some Venetian islands.

with all my love,



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