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Where She Goes / Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

I feel like I’m so behind on the posts I want to upload but I’m getting there. Before they do come out, I present to you the last part of my Venice trip: the Venetian Islands

For my final day in Italy, I decided to see what the other islands of Venice had to offer. Prior to getting to Italy, I had booked a tour of three islands: Murano, Burano and Torcello. We got to all three islands by boat and had about 45 minutes to explore and do our thing.

Now, Murano is famed for its glass making facilities and I actually watched one. It takes a whole lot of talent! Murano (along with the other islands) is not a highly populated island, majority of the people there were tourists like myself so I can’t imagine how quiet it must be for the residents when the tourists do leave.


I think I’m always going to prefer the hustle and bustle of city life and could never really see myself living on an island. I guess London is just a part of me now.

Complete side track guys (you should all be used to this); Travelling really makes me appreciate the efficiency of London. Even in Venice, the buses do not come on time. Don’t get me wrong, London have some mishaps here and there but overall, the time management is pretty waves. I’m gonna need some of these countries to take note. Thanks xx

Back to it.

The second island we visited was Burano. Definitely the one I was looking most forward to.


The island is known for its colourful houses that line its pathways. Supposedly, new inhabitants are unable to change the colour of the house they move into which preserves the tradition of the island.

The whole island just gives off an energy that I wouldn’t mind sticking around for, so I do take back what I said about not living on an island. Everyone looked so happy and content with life so maybe, just maybe I could live in Burano.

Preferably for retirement though.

The final island we visited was Torcello which is a very small island.


I’m pretty sure I walked across the whole diameter of it.

There wasn’t much to visit, which was to be expected considering how small it was but the island does have a long canal running through the middle of it.

After Torcello, it was back to Venice – Piazza San Marco. It was kind of bitter sweet knowing that would be the last time (for a long time anyway) that I’d be in the square so I did go roaming around again.

I ended up lost though but  google maps held up pretty well for the whole of my trip. I could allow this one little slip up.

Another tip! Be ok with getting lost, you’ll find your way out eventually. After walking absentmindedly for a bit, I did see a water bus station that was going to where I needed to get to so it all worked out.

I really did enjoy this trip though and will most definitely be taking many more solo trips in future. Not only am I proud of the fact that I really travelled to a whole new place alone, I’m proud that I came out of my comfort zone and did something that seemed otherwise scary.

I’d really recommend solo travel to you all. Book that holiday you’ve always wanted to take, research some things to do and just…go. I truly think there’s so much of the world to see and I plan to see as much as of it as I can, whether that means with family & friends or alone.

I’m glad I’ve got to that point of not having to rely on people to travel. I now know that if I want to take a trip, I just can.

So final advice guys? Buy a ticket to that place you’ve always wanted to go to and deal with all the feelings later.

You won’t regret it.

See y’all in the next one.

with all my love,



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