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Where She Goes / Sunday, September 1st, 2019

Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

Whew, chile.

It’s been a while since I’ve said that, I must admit. I’ll probably dedicate a whole post to why I was gone for so long but for now, I’m going to apologise (hi, forgive me pls) and move on to talk about the latest in the “where she goes” series. If you read my post from before my little impromptu hiatus, I asked you guys to guess where I was heading to next. The answer: Bangkok, Thailand baby.

Thailand itself is known for its stunning architecture in the form of temples and shrines as well as their shopping experience (wink wink) so I was ready to move. A very random destination but on my bucket list nevertheless, so I could never turn down the opportunity to fly out. Especially as it was a mother-daughter trip, I was excited to do up Thai adventures.

First things first, similar to what I said in my China post. Y’all? Asia as whole is just bloody far. This was an 11 hour flight direct to Bangkok which involved 3 movies, 2 episodes of How I Met Your Mother and a couple on and off naps. It was far too long and by hour 6, I started to lose my sanity. However, I brought my hot water bottle with me (ladies, you know why) and I swear it made that journey so much more bearable. I would 100% recommend for long haul flights. We got to Bangkok at about 6am and made our way to the hotel which was perfectly situated by the BTS Skytrain.

The BTS Skytrain is basically the Overground but for those of you who aren’t from London – it’s just the train that goes over the city. Traffic in Bangkok is not to be played with and any way you can avoid taking a car, do it. You’ll be sat there for a while. Public transport is also much cheaper and gives you a nice sense of independence while navigating the city. Google maps in addition to signs in the station make getting around the city fairly easy so don’t be afraid! What I also realised was that Google Maps works perfectly fine without data! Am I late to the party? Did everyone already know this because I didn’t. As long as you’ve already loaded up where you’re headed to when you had access to internet, Google Maps makes sure the route is still accessible when you’re not connected. I’m talking GPS and all, so that was very useful. That paired with the BTS meant we rarely used a cab other than to get to and from the airport. We saving money all 2019 boo x.

Now, if I’m being completely transparent with you all (which I’ll always be) I definitely went to Bangkok to relax and shop. Buying cute outfits for all the day parties I’m dragging my friends to and relaxing at the spa was at the top of my list. As well as of course, immersing myself in the culture xoxo. In all seriousness though guys, sightseeing wasn’t really on the top of my list. Bangkok itself is beautiful and sightseeing is an activity simply just by walking around. There are countless shrines dedicated to different prayer figures doted around the city. If that’s your vibe, they are very easily accessible (some do have strict dress codes naturally) but I didn’t go out of my way to visit temples and monuments because that just wasn’t for me to be quite honest.

That being said, if you want the hookup on where to shop and splash. This post is definitely for you.



This shop is huge and holds so many brands. The usual Mac, Laura Mercier and all that but also it’s own Maybelline and NYX stands. We all already know the shade range in these Asian countries are questionable so complexion products weren’t really the plan. However, you can find a whole bunch of K-Beauty & skincare at this shop as well as novelty skincare (like Disney branded face wipes). Think Sephora but with more Asian brands.


This store has the brands that are sort of hard to get a hold of in store like Limecrime & Ben Nye. However, I expected them to stock more products than they actually did. The range is very selective in terms of only having a few of the products those brands stock e.g limecrime lipsticks and palettes, but it’s nice to be able to swatch these instead of having to guess which shade you’d like from the websites. They also have the regular schmegular brands like Real Techniques and I figured out pretty early on that this was the cheapest place to buy the branded goods.


Platinum Fashion Mall

This place right here? A must if you’re ever in Bangkok. The shopping here was ridiculous and probably where all my money went. Think of it like an outlet for home designers with their own stores. That mixed with the fact that everything was cheap? Yeah, I had a lot of fun here. I bought so many cute little pieces like jumpsuits, tops and jewellery. The sizing was a little wild though as most things were a one size fits all type of vibe and that can be a bit risky. I don’t think I bought anything that didn’t fit but it was most definitely a gamble.

Central World & MBK Center

I’m bringing this up for one reason and one reason only. Bath & Body Works. If you know me and my love for candles, it makes perfect sense why I sought out this shopping mall for one store and one store only. I had a great time smelling and picking up as many candles as my suitcase allowance would allow. Other than that beautiful store, Central World has a whole bunch of stores that we lack in this UK (SEPHORA). It’s actually the biggest shopping mall in Bangkok and houses the usual clothing stores like Zara & Bershka as well as some electronic stores and beauty spas/clinics.

The MBK center is the one stop shop for all your electonic needs, you can find a whole bunch of weird things you didn’t know you needed until you see it. I ended up buying this charger pad thing for my watch that is so useful and I don’t understand how I managed without it. Like many shopping centres in Bangkok, MBK doesn’t only have one specialty and also sells the usual clothes, cosmetics (I bought a couple of lashes here) and shoes from local vendors at bank account friendly prices.

Sightseeing (kinda):

Terminal 21

If you saw my Instagram stories while I was out there, you know why this one is here. This isn’t your regular schmegular shopping mall, oh no baby. This whole mall is designed like an airport. From security being dressed like pilots to each floor having their own “departure gate” and representing a notable city.

I loved the concept and literally just went to see it. Not even to shop (but of course, I did), but just to see the vision and I promise it didn’t disappoint. Apart from having the usual chain retailers in the mall, there were also indoor street markets that were also designed to fit the city of the floor it was situated on. The creativity of this mall was unmatched and I’d recommend just so you can see how cool it is.

Markets! Talad Neon, Palladium and Chatachukak

Markets are a must for all things touristy. I’m talking snowglobes, key rings and some graphic tees. Before heading to Bangkok, I was told Thai people can be persuaded easily to lower prices. Maybe I’m just trash at haggling but that only worked a couple times and your chances are much better when you’re buying more than one item in the same store. A rarity for me to be very honest, I wanted variety. Nevertheless, if you have the patience, great pieces can be found in the markets. It can be overwhelming at times because there’s so much going on. A lot of stalls and usually a whole bunch of people but they are a great experience. The ones I listed were just some of my faves but there are so many more. At night, the chances of you getting back to your hotel without passing at least one market is slim to none so don’t limit yourself to these three. Some markets are actually only open at night anyway like Talad Neon or on certain days like Chatachukak which opens on the weekend.

That being said, Bangkok ran my bank account dry but it was an experience. The food, the culture and the people were all lovely and the shopping was fantastic. Will I go again? Any excuse to travel is a yes from me but I do think there’s more of Bangkok to see. Who knows, I might even do actual sightseeing that time.

Thanks for being patient with me ya’ll and I hope you enjoyed this one. I think my little hiatus is over so most definitely, I’ll catch you in the next one.

with all my love,


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