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Where She Goes / Sunday, June 16th, 2019

Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

We catching another flight y’all!

I feel like this year is about revisiting places I didn’t get to experience with the freedom that comes with being a young adult. One of these places happens to be Barcelona. Home to “The Cheetah Girls” playground, Barcelona has always been a place I’ve wanted to experience at an older age but just never found the time to do so. With my friend currently on her year abroad over there, I thought what better time to go than now. So off I went, to fulfil my destiny of being the fourth cheetah girl.

Disclaimer; there will be a couple cheetah girl references in this one post, you’re all going to be so sick of me. We move regardless.

My first mistake was definitely the time I chose for the flight. Originally, an 8am flight made perfect sense. More time to explore and live my bestest but considering I had come back from the Erykah X Jhene concert the night before? My body wasn’t amused that she wasn’t allowed to recuperate before flying out. That concert was top tier by the way, Erykah was very late but it didn’t ruin my night.

Anyway, back to this early flight thing. I felt haggard and security being salty about my 100ml’s allowance (that I always try to finesse despite knowing the rules) wasn’t helping. After that though, it was smooth sailing to the gate. Fast forward through take off, the usual passport control and meeting up with my travel buddy who I actually came to visit, we could commence exploring what Barcelona had to offer.

Day 1: Views upon Views.

June 10th. A bank holiday in Barcelona. That threw off the plans a little bit so the day was filled with sightseeing and visiting some of the cheetah girl filming sites, because why wouldn’t we do that? We visted the likes of Park Guella as well as El Turo de la Rovira (a very high hilltop that has an amazing view of Barcelona and some of its notable landmarks). Side note: Barcelona 🤝 Hills. Every blessed place we went too involved some type of steep hill and I’m telling you? I wish I was more prepared. I mean, I wouldn’t have done anything different but a heads up would have been cute. Pack some comfy shoes if you’re heading out there x

Also, buying a T-10 travel card for €10.20 was a great decision.

You can use it for up to 10 trips on buses & trains in zone 1, which is pretty much central Barcelona. Phenomenal investment and I lived my best life. They also do the hopper scheme similar to London where the buses and trains in the last hour & a half still count as one trip. Again, phenomenal.

So day 1, mainly getting settled in and getting some Polaroid’s of Barcelona.

Day 2: My bank account is screaming.

Checking the forecast is the grown up thing to do and really does allow for you to set out your schedule accordingly. Day 2 was forecasted to be hella rain so became the designated shopping day and naturally, my bank account is currently in recovery. I had planned to limit all shopping to that day alone but alas, I’m a shopaholic and that didn’t happen. I will keep screaming that Sephora isn’t available to us Brits so I feel like I’m allowed to run mad whenever I come across the store. I make sure to always stock up on face masks and wipes which we all know are my faves.

The Sephora in Barcelona was a different type of lit. I hope you all believe me when I say there was a SLIDE in the store. Yes. A slide. If that doesn’t highlight how big of a Sephora it is then, I don’t know what else to tell you guys. Maybe that’s what inspired me to spend €42 on skincare alone but, when in Barcelona my loves. Money comes, money goes. In all honesty though, my spending habits are terrible and need to change this year.

The next stops were all my favourite shops like Bershka and Pull & Bear, I’ve found that the branches of these stores always slap better abroad. With summer basically here, I felt the need to stock up on some tees, shorts and cute little accessories. The weather in London isn’t screaming that but when it fixes up? I’ll be ready. Following our little shopping trip, we decided to go and watch Aladdin because both of us are Disney fanatics and proud. It was cute seeing how Spanish cinemas are set up, the movie was still in English but with Spanish subtitles which is to be expected but still different than what I’m used to. We then met up with the friends of my travel buddy and we just chilled at a restaurant. Naturally, everyone was dashing out Spanish vocab to the waiter and I was sitting their oblivious but still a good time. It was nice to know my friend was in safe hands on her year abroad.

Definitely almost missed the last train but God is greater because the bus journey would not have been it. Another note; travel just like you would in London. Be timely so that getting back to wherever you’re staying isn’t a headache. You’re on holiday so this is definitely easier said than done but so important & convenient.

Once we made the last train (because God said we were never missing it), it was a face mask and Love Island kind of night (this season is finally picking up with drama so I’m more invested, a discussion for another time though xx).

Day 3: Tibidabo and Friends

More sights for the last day. There are so many places in Barcelona that give you the perfect view of the city skyline and they were a must see. First up, we headed to Tibidabo which required use of the tram. The Spanish tram is cool in the way it’s set up, it goes up a hill and allows for again, an amazing view. Tibidabo itself is a small town with a cathedral and mini theme park in the middle where your inner child can go wild. My friend really had me climbing up rope ladders in sandals but I’m happy to report I didn’t drop.

Unfortunately, it was around this time that my T-10 ran out but I was quick to buy another one. I really do love the flexibility it gives because Spanish people pride themselves in their hills. Being able to just hop on the buses whenever we got tired was nice.

Moving on, we headed to Las Ramblas for some last minute souvenir shopping. There are so many little shops with little trinkets so that’s definitely where you guys should head to for some cheap souvenirs. There are also a bunch of fruit markets, places to get churros and little snacks as well as the usual clothing stores, so you can definitely make a day out of Las Ramblas alone if you wanted to. I’ve also started to collect snow globes every time I travel somewhere so made sure to pick one up when we were in the area.  Following a long walk from Las Ramblas to the Port of Barcelona (because the weather was nice and it was a straight line so why not?), we came across another shopping mall and you guys already know the drill, money gone.

But that was pretty much my last day. My flight was at 2pm the next day and my bank account had been emptied. I really enjoyed this trip regardless of the money spent though. Not only did it come at a great time, I got to see my amiga cheetah before she moved back from her year abroad. Shout out her! I had a lovely tour guide and it was way less stress than having to do up google maps everywhere.

In conclusion, Barcelona? You were a vibe and a cute midweek getaway.

See y’all in the next one.

with all my love,


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