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Where She Goes / Wednesday, December 29th, 2021

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Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

I’m Frankie (in case some of you forgot), I hope you’re all doing well.

The day this goes up isn’t my regular posting day (the girls that know, know) but I refused to enter 2022 without updating Quite Frankly. This year has been a bit bumpy online but I’m happy to say I’ve been thriving in real life. I found myself smiling and enjoying life a lot more this year. Whether it be because I was out of academia and doing something I enjoyed, or because I started therapy and really took the time out to work on myself – 2021 was good to me and through that Quite Frankly took a backseat as I enjoyed life. We’ll try to balance both in the new year.

Anyway – with my return, we bring back my favourite series on this site – “where she goes”. It’s been a while so a quick recap, this is the series where I travel and come back with a post on the things I did. Unfortunately, the pandemic refuses to free us (no but please release us?) so UK staycations seem to be trips that involve the least hassle. I’ve therefore decided to visit as much of the UK as I can – starting with Scotland. In this one, I run through the things I did while up North and the places I think are worth visiting.

Let’s begin.

Edinburgh during Christmas has always been something that looks straight out of a fairytale – I’ll give London that compliment as well. With a whole bunch of Christmas activities to do, Edinburgh was a peaceful trip that I really needed. We stayed at the Sonder Apartments in York Place and I couldn’t recommend them enough. The staff were attentive and so helpful, and the location was central to everything meaning a lot of places were a walking distance. Perfect for catching glimpses of Edinburgh scenery.

The Quick Guide of Things To Do

Department of Magic, Blair Street

A must-see for Harry Potter fans or just the regular cocktail drinker (like myself). The cocktail bar is dedicated to all things magic, with visitors using spells and “potions” to make their desired cocktail. You then also get a smoking shot to round off your visit. The experience was just great fun and unique so can’t recommend enough.

Camera Obscura

A museum dedicated to all things illusion and trippy. With several rooms for different things whether it be heat cameras, static electricity or mazes – there’s something for everyone. We spent quite some time in here (there are about 6 floors) but I absolutely satisfied my inner child and enjoyed myself.

– Scottish National Gallery

One thing about me? I’ll find a gallery to go to. The Scottish National Gallery was a spur of the moment decision and just something to do if you have a free day. With a variety of different rooms dedicated to specific time periods, you could absolutely get lost in the art for a while. Visiting exhibits has been something that has brought me a lot of peace this year ( I spoke more about that – here) and will be something I stick with in the new year. Whether it be the peace and quiet or just being in a room surrounded by huge pieces of artwork left to your own interpretation, I love it and you’ll always find me at something art related.

Dean’s Village

A lot of areas in Edinburgh cannot be done justice with photos, and Dean’s village was one of them. This small little area seemed to be placed randomly and a bit out of the way, but the view alone was something I’m happy to have experienced. The village was given the extra fairytale feel with the Christmas lights dotting the landscape.

Victoria Street

Being that a lot of Harry Potter was written in Edinburgh, a lot of the city was used for inspiration. Outside of the Department of Magic, another case in point would be Victoria Street – the inspiration behind Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley. The street is famous for its curved road with shops lining the stretch but despite the restaurants and souvenir shops, the street was quiet during the Christmas period. Nevertheless, it was nice to just walk along the road anyway. If you’re an avid Potter Head this may be something you’d like to see as well.

Topping & Company Bookshop

For my bookish babes, this independent store happened to be the highlight of my trip. Located on Blenheim Place, the store is home to rolling ladders on almost every floor. I felt like Belle in Beauty and the Beast while browsing and absolutely satisfied the book lover side of me. The selection of books was also phenomenal and the staff were absolutely lovely. I ended up picking up two books; Black Sunday by Tola Rotimi Abraham and I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson.

Being that we travelled in December, the Edinburgh weather was not the move (as to be expected) but that didn’t dampen the trip for me. I still tried my very best to be outside despite the cold and rain. The fun of travelling also helped spur me along so this trip was truly enjoyable. I’ve also never been a Christmas babe (it’s just not on brand for me) but I think getting away for the season brought me a lot of joy. I really missed travelling so this little trip did me a world of good. I hope to keep up with the tradition of getting away for Christmas.

I also haven’t felt an overwhelming sense of peace as I did in Edinburgh, so this is my love letter to the city.

Thank you for giving me my Christmas spark back.

If I don’t get the chance again, happy new year to all of you. I hope 2021 was good to you, and if not I hope 2022 is better

with all my love,


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