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Where She Goes / Sunday, July 29th, 2018

Hello, hi. Welcome back.

Yep, y’all guessed it. I’m off on another adventure.

Please don’t get the wrong impression of me though guys, this is the most I’ve ever travelled in one given year. It’s definitely not a regular thing for me but I’d love it to be from now on. 2018 has truly been the year of travel and adventure but trust me…I’m not complaining.

Where I’m headed this time: Well, I heard China calling x

This post may be a little bit long so get comfy my loves!

So two things that hit me from the jump:

1. China is bloody far

I mean I knew this already but I don’t think I truly knew. I’m talking this was a good 18 hour flight excluding layovers and I was not here for it. I enjoyed some movies so I can’t really complain and China Southern Airlines had me sorted food wise (shoutout you man x) but it was still way too long for my body.

2. China is bloody HOT

Again, I knew this but I didn’t really. Leaving the airport was the equivalent of stepping into a sauna. Keep in mind I go to Sierra Leone pretty frequently but this heat right here? Very different. It made it way worse because my airport outfit is usually always a hoodie and tracksuit bottoms meaning Frances was burning out here in these streets.

The first day was definitely an experience. While exploring the market place, the stares my mum and I were getting were wild. I don’t know if that’s because of my melanin infused skin or because I’m just a good looking babe but I’m gonna run with the melanin thing. It was only stares though so I went about my business perfectly fine.


What I failed to do was walk around with my passport on that first day.

Rookie mistake, don’t let that be you.

Chinese officers have the right to stop you at any given time (supposedly xxx) and ask for identification so my heart was doing up shaku shaku when this guy asked for my passport. Believe I put on a Queen’s English type accent and he left me alone but yeah, take your passport everywhere.

Also! I don’t even know how to stress this next point enough.




Some people will really try and do you dirty so being completely trusting will get you nowhere. My mum and I went to change money at some shop and the guy was doing up smiles in our face only for him to give us 550 yen in fake money (almost $100). When you come back to complain, they’ll act all brand new. It’s a foreign country and the police will not be your friend especially if you’re melanin infused so avoid fights at all cost and be cautious. We didn’t get the correct notes back (my guy was sticking with his story ya’ll and my mum told me to let it go) but a lot of my family let us know that it probably wasn’t the currency exchange guy doing fraud but actually the taxis.

This makes a hell of a lot sense because we had no problems with the money we were using until we stepped into this one taxi who claimed we were dashing him fake money. Apparently, the trick is to take the real money from the customer, go underneath the wheel and switch it out with a fake one. Then they can say you gave them the fake coins and you should try another note. The cycle then restarts until all you have is fake notes and your real money is in man’s pocket.

Don’t let this be you.

Feel every single note before you leave the shop or give money to a taxi driver so you know it’s real. When you change big bulks of money, the exchange guys can slide a couple fake ones in because they know you’re not gonna look at all of them.

Guess what?

You are from now on because Frankie said.

For those of you who struggle with identifying fake money, they feel like a plastic sheet whereas real money usually has texture. For my UK readers, fake Chinese money feels like the new £5 whereas real money feels like the old one.

Y’all with me?

Another thing, raise hands if you knew big social media sites like Twitter, YouTube and Instagram were blocked in China.

Guys. I almost threw up when I found out. Simple Google is a no, how very wild?. Anyhoo, I definitely did fraud so I could use them during my stay (download a VPN app guys, I got chu) but that whole day with no social media made me realise how addicted I was to it (a post for another day x)

Mainly my trip was for shopping so we went to hella markets and a few malls (Tee Mall is your go to if any of you ever head to Guangzhou!) but we did take a day trip to Hong Kong.

Ya’ll. I went to Disneyland and if you know me? This is all I need in life.

I’m a very big child if you guys didn’t know and I’m always down to go to Disneyland. My mum and I were in the area and thought “let’s live our bestest”. The entry for the park always throws me though, I just pay with my eyes closed in all honesty. As of now it stands at 610 HK$ which is around $79 (readers note for my Brits: travel to China with dollars, it’s easier to change).

After buying entry, I was all for meeting some of my favourite characters and jumping on rides. Toy Story is one of my favourite films and guys, I met Jessie! She loved my braids and she definitely wasn’t the only one. Chinese people are so fascinated by braids it’s cute, as long as they don’t touch without asking xx

I also had to buy those Minnie ears. There was no debate, no questions. I bought a Winnie the Pooh mug as well! She’s also one of my favourites (yeah, I thought it was a boy too).

We took a taxi from the Hong Kong station to Disneyland and I wouldn’t recommend it. The metro is way cheaper (we took that on the way back) and it’s really not difficult to use.

Anyway, I was only in Hong Kong for the day and got back to Guangzhou at around 10pm. The rest of my trip was more shopping at both the leather market and hair factory.

Yes guys, a whole factory dedicated to hair and beauty – make up included.

I rarely have weave in just because I prefer my face with braids but I was there for eyelashes baby! That’s all I wanted and I definitely got some. The eyelashes I got definitely made me forgive China for the way they did me dirty. I can come back now happily.

Do y’all see this? I enjoyed thoroughly. I got some other stuff too but my focus was whole heartedly eyelashes and I think I’m stocked up for good while. I bought a lot of these for my friends but I still have loads for myself = enjoyment x

Now, here are some last things before I go!

1. Be patient when shopping, a lot of the people in China don’t speak English so communicating is long. They can’t be blamed of course but it can get frustrating, especially when no one can understand you and you’re helpless. I’m one of those people that forget English is not the standard language all speak.

2. If you’re staying in a hotel with family? Enjoy the toilet. In most public spaces like malls and restaurants, the toilet is literally a hole in the floor and it’s not cute. I got so excited when we went to a restaurant that had a normal toilet, can you imagine?

Anyway, that’s it from me y’all. Apart from some money crooks? China was a whole damn vibe. I appreciate some Chinese people dem and shoutout my momma for bringing me.

Hope you guys enjoyed and I’ll see y’all in the next one!

with all my love,


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  1. Wow can’t believe all that happened when you went China with the money 😩. I would defo recommend wearing sunglasses with all the staring it always makes me feel like I’m more popping 💅🏾

    1. Ooooo! That’s a whole mood girl! I’m taking that tip on board, thanks 😩👏🏾. I’ve also decided to forget the money thing happened because I can’t come and die 😂

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