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Hello, hi. Welcome back ya’ll.

So you guys are seeing me back here a little earlier than the usual once a week, but I had to get this post out for a lovely Anon before I forget. I got a message via the Mailbox (don’t be afraid to use this my loves, I don’t bite x) about how I went about my solo trip and I decided to make a post on it to help the Anon and whoever else needs this.

Now first things first, I am in no ways an expert because I’ve really only taken one trip (check out the posts on my solo trip – here). If you want advice from more experienced travellers, I’d recommend watching a whole bunch of YouTube videos to get a pretty broad idea of what to expect.

If you still want my very limited knowledge of solo travel after all that, I’m happy to assist.

Here are my top 5 tips on how to: Solo Travel

5. Research the place you want to go to, and then research some more

You can never completely prepare for the change in culture of a new area/country but you can sure as hell try. Being as prepared as possible takes away the shock of being in a whole new place by yourself so research your hotel and its surrounding areas. Is it in the middle of nowhere? That’s going to make exploring really difficult as well coming back, especially if you’re in a country that gets dark quickly. Walking down a dark road to your hotel alone?

Yeah, maybe not.

Research landmarks other tourists think you should visit and read the reviews, there may be a landmark that someone has reviewed that makes you think “maybe I don’t want to head there”.

4. Try and pre book activities/travel to save some coins

Depending on where you book your holiday, some providers e,g ebookers, expedia, will offer extras you can add to your package. For my Italy trip, I pre booked pretty much everything like my train ticket to Verona and my island boat tour. This meant the spending money I brought could be used for just that. Nothing is more frustrating than having to use half of your coins on activities and being left with only €5 and a hair band to your name. If the country you’re going to also offers a bus pass and you can see yourself doing a whole bunch of Dora the Explorer activities, I’d recommend it. The Venice city bus pass worked for my whole trip and it was about £29. With the number of buses I took (keep in mind I got lost once or twice), this was a beautiful decision. I also booked a pick up from the airport to my hotel, taxis at the airport could potentially be unsafe and most definitely will be more expensive.

3. Google maps helps in real time so if you can get data, I’d recommend it

I don’t know what I would have done if I had no data. I would have gotten lost way more than I actually did. This is nowhere near fun when you’re by yourself so Google Maps is the true plug. It will have you out there feeling like you’ve lived in the country for ages. If Google maps isn’t an option for you and your chosen county, this next one is for you.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask strangers for help – with caution

Please read the writing in bold. There will be situations where Google maps can’t help you out and you’ve got to go back to traditional ways of finding your way when you’re lost.

Asking people.

However, trust your gut instinct. My trick is asking people that work in shops or cafes. They are way less able to kidnap you and more likely to actually know if where you’re headed is close. This also works for trying to get a picture of yourself that isn’t a selfie, look for someone that’s working outside and ask. 9 times out of 10, they are more than willing to help.

1. Pay now, overthink later

If solo travel is something you really want to do, get your coins in order, pick a place and book it. Once you’ve booked it, there is no going back. In reference to the previous post, stop blocking your blessings ya’ll. Go for what you want (if it’s proven to be safe, thanks x) and you’ll be glad you did. Solo travel is only as scary as you make it and to the Anon that sparked this whole post, I’m fairly confident you’ll be fine.

I hope you go for it!

with all my love,


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