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Where She Goes / Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Hello, hi. Welcome back.

I’ve been screaming for the longest that in this 2018, I will be living my bestest life. For me, this means travelling to new places and exploring what the world has to offer. Luckily, I’ve actually been doing just that because currently…your girl is in Morocco (not when this goes up I won’t be but let’s pretend x)

The girls and I decided a cheeky little girl’s trip was necessary after university so off we went.

Marrakech is the capital of the lovely country of Morocco, North Africa. As expected the heat is WILD but a vibe. A lot of Marrakech has been renovated to accommodate for their popular tourist market but otherwise, a lot of the old areas remain.

We actually met this guy who took us to some popular tourist areas in Marrakech (I was skeptical of this guy y’all!) like the old Congress buildings. I’m definitely that person that is easily amazed but the buildings were true masterpieces.

My friends have a whole lot of pictures of me looking up but like I said, your girl is easily amazed. The guy behind me in the picture below had most definitely never seen an angel before.

One thing to note though, some of the locals aren’t chocolate friendly to put it lightly so if you have a short temper like me? Try to keep it in check and let it slide, especially if you’re alone.

Moving on to nicer things.

Morocco is also widely known for its spa treatments so of course the girls and I were all for a spa day. The locals often indulge in the “Hammam” massage which my friends opted for but..

It’s intense and my skin is way too sensitive for that kind of scrubbing pls, I beg.

I opted for a simple antioxidant body scrub and a back massage to live my best life. Modesty isn’t a thing in these spas though so prepare to get nekky nekky naked. We went to the Atlas Médina Spa & Hotel which was a couple minutes walk from our hotel (our spa wasn’t cutting it) and I’d definitely recommend it. The prices weren’t wild and they were absolute sweethearts.

Our next day was the time for us to do up adventure. The plan: camel riding and quad biking.

You tend to find guys selling deals for these packages out and around your hotel, if not your hotel most likely will and the prices aren’t too far off.

Do not let the smile on my face in the picture of the camel blind you. I was damn near petrified..but I got used to it. I’m very childish and named my camel Delilah, she was my partner in crime and I wish her all the best x

Quad biking was a messy, messy ride but compared to my friends I was definitely the cleanest.

Top tip: make sure you’re the one driving in the front, the dust from the bike in front sprays all over the people in the back sooo if you want to be a snake, you know what you gotta do.

We did quad biking for 2 hours and the heat was tragic. I got about 2 shades darker even though I hadn’t tanned this whole holiday.


As for camel riding, that was for about 30 minutes but trust me I wasn’t complaining. The moment I got on the camel I was already uncomfortable so I definitely couldn’t go any longer. Shoutout Delilah though, she kept me safe.

For our final day, we decided to do up adventure again (big mistake x). Our destination was the Atlas Mountains where we’d see the waterfall that runs down it. We also stopped off at some places along the way like a traditional Moroccan home and an “argan oil factory”.

As for that waterfall, when I tell you guys I was doing up geography type trips (if you know, you know) , I mean it with my chest.

This guide really had me climbing rocks and jumping over streams like Tarzan. It was a lot but worth it for the view, definitely not for the faint hearted though.

When we did eventually get back to our hotel (after a little argument with the guy that sold us our package – it was suddenly 50MAD more lol but let’s not focus on the negative here), we were knocked the hell out but had to do a nice last dinner to finish the trip.

And there you have it. Morocco trip with the girls? A success x

If you made it this far, I applaud you and you’re part of the family now.

Hope you guys enjoyed travelling Morocco with me and see y’all in the next one.

with all my love,


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