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Where She Goes / Sunday, March 10th, 2019

Hello, hi. Welcome back guys.

Finally, your girl is off on another adventure. It’s been a while since my last trip and I was getting that urge to pack my bags and explore what the world has to offer. Luckily, a trip was already on the way.

University has come for my braids this term with January exams and a whole bunch of deadlines, so a cheeky girl’s trip to Paris for the weekend? Yep, I’m feeling that vibe. Paris is by no means a new city for me but it’s been a very long while since I’ve been. This trip was the chance for me to rewrite the old memories I had of France from when I was 11/12. I’m now a big woman doing big woman things, so I guess now the experiences and memories need to match that energy.

So here we are, old city but new opportunities to make the trip one for the history books and you’re all invited. Taking over Paris at aged 20? Commence mission.

Day 1: Date Night

Our flight landed in Paris at around 5 ish but the way we somehow ended up wandering around that Paris airport for a good half an hour? Yeah, that set us back a little. We did still have some time to set down our belongings in our schweet airbnb, and head to the shopping mall that was local. The shopping mall being so close was an enemy to my bank account but when in Paris!

Once that was over, we could start the whole dressing up for our dinner reservation. We ended up at the Brassiere Restaurant but let’s skip over that part because the food wasn’t that great. We still move tho.

Day 2: Disneyland Paris

The day of the inner child. Disneyland is always a must when I travel to a city with the famous theme park and for some reason, I’m never disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so tired of spending the coint on that entry (€54 for those who were wondering) , and the long queues for rides but it’s still always a vibe. Especially with the right people.

I’m a big kid, I claim it with my chest so I already knew the game plan. Embracing my inner child, which I very much did. The girls and I ended up in some weird caves courtesy of the Pirates of the Caribbean, ate some crepes in Agrabah, took a cheeky boat ride in the Wild West and climbed up a tree house. Definitely can’t forget that 75 minute wait to take a picture with Mickey Mouse but again, the motto was “embrace our inner child”. Surprisingly, we stayed in Disneyland up until like 6pm so it really is a whole day adventure. Luckily, we weren’t staying too far from the park and getting home wasn’t a struggle.

Guys, airbnb was such a great move for this trip. Although far from central Paris (about 1 hour and 30 minutes), it was really close to the necessities e.g a big shopping mall, travel links etc. I also loved how cute and modern it was – so yeah, don’t limit yourself to hotels.

Now, if you think we went home right after Disneyland? I’m sorry to disappoint. We don’t rest on trips x

The next move was shopping! Where coint was dashed and items bought. I saw Sephora and everything was finished after that; we have to keep in mind that Sephora hasn’t graced the UK so I really had to stock up. In which I did.

I picked up some wipes because ya’ll? those Sephora wipes are everything. If you can somehow get your hands on them, I’d highly recommend. No one can say Quite Frankly doesn’t put you guys on! Naturally, we had to add some face and lip masks to the basket so if everyone could avoid asking me about my current account status? I’d appreciate it.

Day 3: Tourists

Following the cash loss of Day 2, we all entered Day 3 with the intention of spending smarter and embracing all things that make Paris.

All the usual tourist spots were on our list: the Notre Dame, the Louvre and of course, the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower was the only one we needed to pay for considering we opted out of the Louvre Museum. It’s apparently something you need at least a couple of hours to soak in, and we were on a time crunch. The Louvre is something I’ve always wanted to see and somehow never do whenever I’m in France. Definitely had to change that this trip.

The tickets for the Eiffel Tower (which included a guided tour up all 669 steps with a friendly tour guide) were booked for 3:30 and we were late anyway. We still got to join the tour but in a worse case scenario? Some companies take your money and say it’s your fault – which I guess it is. Regardless, beware.

Those 669 steps, in which I’ll keep reminding you guys about because I definitely didn’t climb them for decoration, took some willpower but it was worth it for the view.

While on tour we learnt the Tower lights up every hour for 5 minutes and from there, we made our plan. The time was 4:30pm and we were going to wait until it got dark to truly embrace the lights in the dark. Once the clock hit 7pm, the city of lights became it’s own nickname.

Following our little tour of “Tour Eiffel” we decided to take our tour guide’s advice.

He said “get lost“.

Paris is the city of lights, and so it only made sense to get lost in the hustle and bustle. From that advice, we found a pretty good restaurant on an avenue and then home it was, to pack for our flight the next day.

Day 4 was just buying last minute stuff and sorting out our very full suitcases. I’m so surprised my suitcase didn’t explode because truly? It was very full.

But in conclusion? Paris, you were a vibe. Thank you for giving me a much needed break from reality. Readers, I hope you all felt like you were right there with me.

See y’all in the next one.

with all my love,


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